Saturday Book Review- The Shining

Today’s Saturday Book Review is The Shining by Stephen King. I’m certain that may of you have already seen the movie starring Jack Nicholson, but you’ve got to tell the time to read this classic horror story! This was the first Stephen King book I’ve ever read and it still chills me to this day.

The story takes place at the beautiful Colorado Overlook Hotel, where struggling author Jack Torrence, his wife, and son are staying for the winter to tend the gardens and care for the hotel itself. Jack landed this dream position as winter caretaker as a last ditch effort to hold his life together. But alas things are not all that they seem at the Overlook and forJack Torrence reality begins to unravel quickly as insanity takes root.

I’ve learned so much about writing from Stephen King and his books. As I’ve been horrified, thrilled, and completely blown away by his words new insight constantly builds with each book. Even if I can’t sleep afterwards. If your a thrill seeker or even a writer looking for inspiration, I full recommend the experience.

More Titles by Stephen King:

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You can find out more about this author by following the link below.

Stephen King Official Website

-M. E. InkOwl

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