Sinister Countdown- Tortorem

I’ll never forget the rain that day,

It fell upon my crown and wound down between footprints trodden through grass.

My head spun, heady with thoughts of you,

Traces of that kiss laid upon my lips.

Holding hands to the sky I wound my soul to the sky.

All life had meaning as I walked from carriage filled roads,

To easy side streets lined with the soft glow of gas lamps.

If only I hadn’t thought to cut through the old cemetery,

Lined with bows of twisting yew.

I should have listened to their whispered warnings,

As ill will followed me into this crumbling necropolis.

My revolver was left on the mantle next to your gloves,

Our home a bygone memory of safety.

Even the wind begged me to steer clear,

As I walked an all to easy and familiar course.

Evening deepened into twilight,

And the street’s glow was swallowed up by my preoccupation.

It was near a singular headstone that I paused to catch my breath,

Upon a small hillock that overlooked a slow pooling stream.

While I pulled a neckerchief to dab rain and sweat from my brow,

I saw it.

Faint lines upon the muddy earth,

With silvered wax upon gray stone.

Curious I stepped forward in the darkening night,

Only to discover six triangles drawn from that center headstone.

Water had pooled with the lines blotting our what had been within,

Had I know the twisting fate that so waited for me I would have ran, but I didn’t.

And so found myself drawn to the curious,

A macabre human skull resting resplendent upon the grave.

Before my eye rain soaked wicks sprang to life, igniting in blue flame,

My cry of dismay echoed all around as more than trees were illuminated.

Before I realized it robed forms stood round this spot,

Watching me with naked animal skulls.

Trembling I tried to turn and flee,

But mud beneath my feet held me bound.

Hands raise to the skies above as blue flames reached higher and higher,

I heard alien voices scratch upon the very air.

They seemed to be calling to something beyond our unholy round,

As I struggled to find will and strength to move.

But with a scream that caught in my own throat a stag headed form rush to my side,

And slashing down with ravenous hunger a blade bit into my side and tore.

Red blush splashed into azure flame,

Cracking sparks into the air.

I fell down, down upon the tombstone,

My head striking the smooth marker.

This world rolled sideways as my life flowed away,

Filling each line as it gushed out.

They laughed wickedly and danced round my body,

Once so proud and hopeful for love.

Flames leaped as my skin grew cold,

And licked at a single twisted tree.

It looked upon me with tears dripping from curling leaves,

As if willing my pain gone by it’s burning surface.

Just then I felt the earth shift and ground tremble in my bones,

As my eyes and mind lifted from this broken body.

A hole opened beneath my threaded flesh,

And even as my soul was drawn away a creature drew forth from the ground.

Forms still tossed and screamed out with pleasure in the flickering shadows,

As my ghost caught in the blackened tree branches.

This new form slick with blood sniffed at my long coat and broken flesh,

Then opening its maw wide it feasted upon me crunching throw sinew and bone.

I tried to scream and run away the terror overcoming all else,

But I was a wisp of forgotten energy fading into the night’s long despair.

With what was left of my spirit, my essence,

I pushed into the blackened and gnarled wood.

And so watched as this creature of death swallowed every drop of my physical presence,

While around us both fervent figures continued their cruel festivities.

But true horror was mine when as a tree,

I watch this newly risen cannibal stand.

And with each branch I shivered and quaked to my roots,

As it’s form rippled and grew to something new.

I tried to cry but could only creek,

As my own face and form stared back at me.

With a smile and dusting of my cap,

The thing swept down into a low bow.

The robed accomplices knelt down to the earth forming a path to the world beyond,

And I watched as it moved with my body in tow into the shadows and trees of the world beyond.

Now I rest here with my eternal regret and fear,

Not knowing what I have become or done.

With only this tomb and my blackened husk,

Waiting for an end to this torment finally come.

-M.E. InkOwl

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