Sinister Countdown- We Wait

Follow us down this pretty lane,

With gentle leaves falling across a deeply hued sky.

Leave your cares and worries behind

As gravel crunches under foot.

Let your sense wash away any lingering fear,

And subdue the hairs in your neck standing on end.

Be lulled into false scenes of safety,

As we wait in the darkness beneath resting leaves.

Our sights are set and lines have been drawn,

Whispered spells upon a raven’s wing.

Come closer and see what may be,

Before serenity takes flight.

You have nothing to fear but death,

Which is as far off as our conjured webs allow.

Patience is our virtue while cruel East is the price,

Watch you we will from this perfect cover.

Listen to the chills upon your skin,

For you we wait.

-M.E. InkOwl

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