Saturday Book Review- The Watchers

Today’s Saturday book review is The Watcher’s by Dean Koontz. On a hike one day Travis Cornell finds a worn out golden retriever blocking his path. Travis tries to keep going but the dog insistently keeps him back. That’s when an uncontrollable sense of fear hits him so powerful that he realizes something terrible is in the woods, and the dog is trying to save him. When both escape the woods and Travis finds himself taking in the stray he begins to uncover a mystery that could cost both man and dog their lives.

I’ll never forget my father reading the opening chapter of this book to my friends and me on my thirteenth birthday. We were all huddled around the bottom stair of our staircase in the basement. Every word my dad spoke made us huddle closer snd closer together until my father screamed mid sentence making us all jump out of our skins.

Some years later I found myself caring for a neighbor’s yard while they were away on vacation. They lived next to a long ravine covered in scrub oak. I was listening with my Walkman CD player in the pocket of my cargo pants and pulling the weeds in a flower bed bordering the ravine. When all of a sudden a deer leapt out of the underbrush right in front of me. It was just so perfectly time as the villain of the story had just struck the moment the deer leaped. I remember screaming and throwing down everything I was working with and on and ran to the front of their house. Still screaming I threw myself down on the grass of their front lawn and covered my head and neck waiting to die. When I realized what had happened I stopped screaming and looked up to see the across the street neighbor just staring. I stood up waved and then walked back into the backyard all the while picking up everything I’d thrown. Needless to say I gave the ravine a wide birth for some time after.

Other books by this author:

– Velocity

– Odd Thomas

– Tick Tock

You can learn more about the author by visiting their website or asking about them at your local library. Follow the link below!

Dean Koontz Official Website

-M. E. InkOwl

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