Sinister Countdown- Damned Love

Let me stand by this boarded window,

Waiting for your to come.

Between the dusty shadows,

You promised I’d be free.

Chains rustle with this beating restless heart,

Chatting upon my wrists.

But I still stand here,

A phantom in the dark.

Bound by words of life and love,

That still linger in my breast.

The novelty of hope is wearing me to bones,

I no longer taste the summer breeze upon the rising night.

And I am left in the shadows,

Gathering cobweb robes.

All the while you are beyond,

Searching for answers unknown.

I wonder when you will come back,

And unlock your protections so dear.

For drink has not touched these lips,

And my blood feels as if it has turned to dust.

I am alone behind these slats of wood,

Finally wondering what has gone wrong.

Alas I feel reverberations beneath my withered body,

You have come back home to me!

So bright is the sun of a brilliant new day,

What gifts and love will you bestow me, I pray?

Why must you recoil from my touch,

These are my webbed and waiting arms!

Let me caress you with my all,

And we shall turn this dust to gold!

But it is not you who has come,

A living messenger of blue and gold.

With grim face and a harsh knowledge of life,

He now speaks the truth to my dissolving mind.

Oh woe does our tale cry,

For I am not but a rotten corpse.

And you, you are behind thick iron bars,

Forever tormented by my waiting longing arms.

But worry not I will wait at the gate,

Leading you down a red stair bonded by our love so damned.

-M.E. InkOwl

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