Sinister Countdown- Terror of Night Fall

Light a fire upon the hill,

And watch as beacons ignite.

Darkness has fallen upon this land,

Opening doors to a greater dark.

Unholy creatures fill living spaces,

Seeking out beauty to destroy.

Between glowing pools of liquid silver,

Men die, angles cry, and bestial throats roar.

A war from the dawn of time rages on,

As souls are lost and demons found.

The dark world forever caught in our orbit,

Spins round our planet like a trapped cobweb.

Our only solace is a rooster’s crow,

Welcoming the dawning sun.

Let light so shine upon the darkest places,

And bring forth peace once more.

Within the brilliant light of day we can stand,

And meet the coming terrors of nightfall.

-M.E. InkOwl

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