Sinister Countdown- Woman In White

Are you watching between the trees,

For one who walks with silent feet?

As still as snow upon sleeping grass,

She steals her way between watching stones.

While touching engraved name,

Upon each headstone of years passed by.

Oh, woman in white.

Her naked feet trust each step,

As she dances slow between the graves.

A symphony only she can hear,

Compels her willow body on.

With a murmur here and laugh so gay,

One forgets how the dead lay.

Oh, woman in white.

And now she closes with a faceless form,

So high upon death’s stoney plinth.

And kisses worn feet while crying asunder,

“Oh Asriel, Asriel, Asriel burning!”

“Why have you left me here?”

“Upon this earth alone to bear?”

Oh, woman in white.

A watchers guilt has struck your mind,

You turn to flee before you’re found.

No good will come from these ensnaring laments,

But words have power and deeper meaning.

You find yourself rooted to this spot,

Between two graves so wantonly silent.

Oh, woman in white.

Lo, a chill runs up your spine,

And raises hair upon your neck.

The form before each silent stone has begun to dance about this marker,

Head lolling arms waving body convulsing.

A guttural voice rises stark from heaving chest,

Like tree limbs snapping within a storm.

Oh, woman in white.

“Unus Sanguinius, Septum Ossia, Crescere Arcana,

“Libera Iungere Mortuis!” Cries she, this woman garbed all in white.

With light from the setting sun her robes alight with fire,

Blood runs down her spinning form dripping upon this newly fallen dark.

You know not how or whence she came,

But now beneath you the ground does ripple as naked bones begin to rise.

Oh, woman in White.

-M.E. InkOwl

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