Sinister Countdown- Lingering in the Shadows

Between these waving stalks,

Beyond the rough edge of this shoreline.

Something watches

As wind rustles through leaves.

This sunset so wasted on human eyes,

Gives heed to alien tongues long silenced.

Now as colors are tasted and prey is set,

A game much older than these rocks begins.

Shuffling gate and loping arms,

Place gentle thick knuckles and bone.

Sinew tightens as muzzle sifts the wind,

Waiting for an unwary back to turn.

Eyes widen while pupils dilate,

Claws rake upon damp earth.

It is coming for you just beneath the shadowy surface,

Linger a while longer with neck bare.

See what may be with eye wide shut,

For you are the prey and its just begun to follow.

-M.E. InkOwl

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