Saturday Book Review- The Woman in White

Today’s Saturday book review is a classic mystery thriller, The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. When a young art teacher is employed at a rather wealthy estate to teach a pair of sisters art classes, a fateful turn of events occurs that rapidly opens a deeper more sinister story. Acclaimed to be one of the first ever written mysteries, Collins leads readers through a tangled web of perceived denial fragility amidst a male dominated society. Filled with deeper themes of love, revenge, life ending mistakes and terror, The Woman in White is a perfect october read!

As a child of no more than six or seven I remember sitting down with my parents one Sunday night to watch PBS Masterpiece Theater. It just happened to be The Woman in White. Mind you I was a child I did not take to the movie immediately, but I’ll never forget watching one scene where a character scales the side of a mansion to some end. I was in raptured, terrified, and thrilled. I had to watch the rest of the movie and my parents obliged, probably with more than a little curiosity. This has lead to a greater obsession of mystery, thrills, and perhaps graveyards.

More books by Wilkie Collins:

The Moonstone

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You can learn more about Wilkie Collins here:

-M.E. InkOwl

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