Sinister Countdown- Forever Day

Hide me in this forever day,

Folded away in these memories of gold.

I am pursued by hunting creature,

Much more than an earthly predator.

It’s smells my mortal flesh so sweating,

But also hears my thoughts of woe.

I’m afraid it’s too late for this ending to come,

But I must hold out against hope.

A smiling face of mirthless humor,

Is waiting to give me a bow.

And open wide it’s upside down chasm,

To swallow me whole.

I fear not death nor it’s stink,

Because I have met him a time or two.

No this beast lies in wait for me,

To drag me down to the in between.

Where fire just licks me and shame runs over,

A purgatory for my meager penance.

Oh if only I had not played with powers dark and unknown,

Then I would not have to hide.

But for now I must snd dive deep into a book,

Of memories that will keep me bound forever small.

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