Sinister Countdown- At The End

I sit beneath a moon too full,

With though that chew upon my conscious.

The darkness scuffles with rat claws,

Scuttling along these images unbidden.

I lay upon a bed once comfortable,

Paralyzed by the shinning face beyond a window.

Watching as a faceless form presses in,

Through curtains so thin.

Voices whisper in the night,

Between chittering teeth a plenty.

My spine tingles with electric fear,

As unseen bodies press in.

“What calls you to me?” I scream,

Willing answers to be spoken.

But murmurs grow as petulant teeth gnash,

Upon the wood within my walls.

As this room stretches impossibly tall,

I feel myself begin to sink down below.

A voice speaks low like crumbling ice caps,

Vibrating each bone within my skull.

“Listen close oh man of flesh and heed my every word,

“Write down in blood these stories told and unlock your now bound soul.”

As chain lock tight and suffocating oil pools,

I feel the bidding to write.

So follow these tales upon frightened wing,

And listen to free my chained mind.

For rats do gnaw and bones soon break,

This night ends a countdown quiet sinister.

-M.E. InkOwl

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