Sinister Countdown- Daylight Hours

While away these precious hours,

Where the sky glows and peace slumbers.

Trees toss their golden skin to innocent wind,

As benign figures walk upon dusty roads.

A fool could get lost upon this twirling dream,

Captivated by prosperity unending.

Tis but a woven net that has been cast,

Deceiving your eyes and bind free will.

Wake up from this macabre dream of serenity,

That you may realize the horrors now spinning round.

Once the day lays down to rest,

And long fingers of darkness trace the ground.

All too soon will you feel It’s sting upon your brow,

Burrowing into yonder flesh unyielding.

As a chewed apple core will your body shrink,

And soul ooze out upon the floor.

Never have their been these safe daylight hours,

You helped fly upon a spiders web.

And here to greet you now is a drooling maw,

Wake up! Arise! Before you are eternally devoured!

-M.E. InkOwl

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