Sinister Countdown- Just Go

Wait for me right at the gate,

Where freedom lies within our grasp.

We’ve waded through this sinking chamber,

And found hidden relics and stories unknown.

Their stories wait to be retold,

With our thriving world above.

Our future lies right at the gate,

Glowing with an energy long foretold.

Yet I must go a little further,

And find what’s waiting in the dark.

Curiosity has struck me too strong for me to say no,

And now I pressure into the waiting arms of what could be.

So stay your hand upon the button snd wait for my welcome form,

I think I’ve found something strange and wondered-

Wait, wait, no, wait no!

Something has me what is this feeling?

If pain intense and fear so well known!

What have I touch! It’s wriggling deeper!

Please no, please don’t go!

-aaarghh! My bones and sinew are snapping!

I cannot stop this awful fate!

Please! Please! It’s huge and slick, so much burning ichor!

I hear you screaming and calling my name but now I’m pulling away from you.

It’s lifting me up and chewing persistently,

Please, please just go, just g-

-M.E. InkOwl

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