Dragonwood Part 2: Rememberance

I never thought I would be alone. Wandering our now empty world.

I am the last of my tribe,

We were a vast nation, spanning an entire land from ocean to ocean.

Our knowledge of earth and sky had brought us far,

With graceful craft that use to fly side by side with our guardian dragons.

We were call human,

A bridge between Heaven and soil.

Such was our prestige and majesty,

But now that has all burned.

Burned are the vast cities,

To dust have my people crumbled.

Over the bones of a thousand dead souls have I walked,

To replay the betrayal this is ours.

I am a lone knife in the dark,

Waiting to dim the embers of a dragon.

I, the last human now culminate my race’s dying wish,

Bring about the fall of Dragonwood and slay the last dragon.

-M.E. InkOwl

Author’s note: This is a series of epic fantasy poems, you can find the first poem here.

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