In The Garden

Here in this haven you’ll find a summer sun,

Warming aged wood beneath growing green.

Where young wick of apple tree,

Growth thick with light energy.

Oh the wisdom this rained here,

Now imbued in growing fruit and leaf.

Let me rest my back upon solid ground,

And partake of such substance as this.

Here in the garden where time has no meaning,

Life teaches upon butterfly wing.

Let us talk if what was, what is, and what may,

And remember how this all came to be.

Life always seems to be centered here,

After one walks back to moving reality.

I think it is love that balances me so,

Love grown from the beginning.

Spread by the gentlest of hands,

And watered with a thousand tiny guestures

Let me take a piece of my heart,

Between root and stone.

And plant it here,

To always be reminded to love.

-M.E. InkOwl

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