Betwixt Rabbit and Stone

Rabbit and a Stone

Sleepy as a dropping lavender sprig,

All things seem to be waiting.

For what we will have to wait and see,

As shadows creep among greens.

Bring with them a much needed coolness,

Like a mountain stream upon weary feet.

Now is a time for languishing stretches,

As yawns attempt to be stifled.

Oh thou sun which slipped beyond our reach,

A new sensation has taken our limbs.

And filled us with an unquenchable drive,

To lay down our worries upon a bed of time.

We become stones within the growing dusk,

Seeming to sink into our found bedding.

Let out a peaceable sigh,

And succumb to this contented experience.

Breathe in, let eyes close,

And fall deep asleep.

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