Sinister Countdown- Creeping Anticipation

We are waiting, waiting, waiting,

For the night to end.

For they are seeking, seeking, seeking,

Our bodies to tear and rend.

The prey is cornered, cornered, cornered,

Locked behind stifled screams and tears.

Ever running, running, running,

From a rising tide of doom.

Now silence is broken, broken, broken,

With murmurs of the waking dead.

Hell has awoken, awoken, awoken,

And a plague knocks at the door.

Hush now and listen, listen, listen,

Luck may be in our side.

Maybe they are passing, passing, passing,

Having found some other unlucky souls.

Quietly we’re peaking, peaking, peaking,

Wishing our hopes are fulfilled.

But reality is stark, stark, stark,

They’ve surrounded our haven dear.

Now they are watching, watching, watching,

For night to finally fall.

Then they will be feasting, feasting, feasting,

On our flesh so unjustly wronged.

-M.E. InkOwl

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