Sinister Countdown- Icy Tomb

Caught in the light of day,

With blood stains on your soul.

Like a burning forest fire,

Guilt trailed you to the core.

What innocence you stole,

From one so dear to my heart.

You’ll never see such fury again,

As I followed you from my broken home.

Oh how you plunged your fist,

Into the jaws of this trap.

Eye will not see, ears will not hear,

What I will bestow upon you.

Haunt you will these acts,

So carelessly tossed aside.

Blood has pooled in the water,

The frenzy is not far behind.

In a single silent moment,

You will find me a shadow upon your back.

Struggle will be a fleeting thought,

As I deliver satisfying death blow.

Gasp, shriek, cry, they will not hear,

As you slip into an icy tomb.

Watch me as I help you slip,

Into your robes of darkest gray.

And float down to the bottom of this mirror,

Forever reflecting upon all you did.

-M.E. InkOwl

One thought on “Sinister Countdown- Icy Tomb

  1. The picture to this piece is chilling! Even with close examination. The prose has its strength “…a shadow on your back…”, “…watch me as I help your slip…” yet loses momentum. Something to revisit and revise.

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