Sinister Countdown- Buried Regrets

You said you’d never forget me,

That our love was a thing that would last.

I believed you, with all my heart, never thinking of the emptiness you left in my head.

I was yours, you were mine and we both new it was true.

But then you grew cold, far colder than I could have guessed.

And our love turned down a cracked and dry rut.

An ever flowing canal of love I had for you, but you walked away with it all, leaving me to tend to the dust.

It was my fault you said. I did this to you, to us.

But then I realized who you were seeing, her.  I understood just how long you’d truly been gone.

I regret ever opening up to you. I regret giving you my heart.

Love turns on you so quickly, like a wild animal not wanting to be caged.

And before I knew it talons of regret hooked into my soul, my very core. I could only do one thing. One thing.

But now I’m here at the edge of the world, no longer worried or scared.

You see I buried my regrets, the pain you caused me, the sadness. I buried it down deep, in sinking sands and mud.

For I am rid of it all, every jot and tittle. They’ll never find where my insecurities and faults disappeared to, you see.

For I buried them right next to you, where you’d sunk in, you had one eye closed and the other staring right at me.

Now I regret nothing, and you are long gone.

-M.E. InkOwl


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