Ever heard of Walter Mitty? I’m him. This blog is me taking life and dream into hand while leaping into the unknown. For as long as I can remember others have always told me their stories. Friends, family, strangers all have felt the need to tell me what existence has seen fit to give them. And I’ve born their words with patience, and a listening ear. But now it’s my turn to speak. It’s my turn to open the window of my mind and free the stories that have been cooped up waiting to spread wing and take flight. Even as a young child I remember making up elaborate stories for every kind of toy I played with, I even made up stories when I’d walk home from school in the snow.

Growing up my house was filled with books, having a father that was obsessed with books provided a limitless supply to my young and voracious mind. At night he read his favorite books to me until his gentle voice would lull me to sleep. As I grew older I found myself reading into the darkest hours of the night, covers tucked all around me.

I didn’t actually feel like I could write until I met the love of my life. She taught me how to put myself onto written pages, making the words come to life right in front of me. Now I find myself often penning down hundreds of untold stories in the dead of night, with the owls. Happy reading.


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    1. I am truly honored!! I’ve received a nomination for this award at the same time! I’ll tag you in my post for it as well as answer your questions for me! I am so grateful for your kindness and encouragement with my writing. It makes my day to see your comments and likes. Thank you, thank you!

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  1. Just a suggestion for you: think you should add an archive widget on your blog. It will make easier to follow your earlier post. Also, because I would love to read your older posts as well 🙂

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      1. Whenever I am clicking on any month: the posts appear but then again archive disappear, so had to go back and choose again. So, for that I think you should put an archive widget in your footer also.

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  2. So happy the Love of Your Life helped unlock your words so they get written and shared! What a debt you owe to her!!! My debt is to my High School English teacher.

    Sounds like you like to write during the same time of night that I love “The Backside Of The Night” – Come read it?

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  3. i had a similar childhood, a father that taught me reading could be my best friend. lovely to read about your writing journey Michael, I look forward to reading your flash fiction, once upon a time I wrote them too. Gina

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