First Flight

Soaring between mountains, Upon wings long thought dead. As one we scream our defiance and delight, To the world spinning about us. This, our first flight is marked upon each cloud, As we surge past protective gates and pinwheeling lookouts. No more will we obey the laws of man, Not that of gravity that has … More First Flight

Let Nature Heal

Lift eyes upwards and see, The beauty that surrounds. So much has existence been sought, To have al that which can only be purchased. Forget do we that which is above price, That humbles, inspires, and renews. That which we wish would give us delight, Is but smoke and mirrors to tantalize. Our souls cry … More Let Nature Heal

In The Garden

Here in this haven you’ll find a summer sun, Warming aged wood beneath growing green. Where young wick of apple tree, Growth thick with light energy. Oh the wisdom this rained here, Now imbued in growing fruit and leaf. Let me rest my back upon solid ground, And partake of such substance as this. Here … More In The Garden


Drift with me upon this spot of calm, Before our life upends us below. A tempest rages beyond our sight, Hush just listen to the roar. Some say the time will never come, And all that we sense is false. But I know what lies beyond reach, I have been to this place before. Now … More Cascades