Bones of Hope

A boy it was, who found the path.

He was blind to light from above.

Among the dead he walked in the wood,

His companion an Urisus of the North.

With hand upon silver fur they walked,

Companions of a strange world.

The dead walked along with hope.

-M.E. InkOwl

Bones of A Martyr

I am a martyr in my innocence,

Executed by a memory sincere.

You knew I would have remained loyal,

To the end we would have gone.

Except I saw more than you ever wished me to see.

So now my spirit hangs forlorn and lost,

Among trees never meant to grow old.

Until one day, when footsteps of truth,

Will break the bonds of your wicked black lies.

-M.E. InkOwl

Secrets In The Wood

I have a secret, Dark and dangerous,

From long when the world was young.

It’s from the heart of a jealous man,

Long corrupted with power untold.

And now I come seeking the wood,

To bury what I alone know.

-M.E. Ink Owl

The Haunted Wood

Sadness it was, with a touch of dew,

That wreath your head in gray crowns.

Silence of forgotten sounds echoed.

Deep within the wood unyielding,

We’re soul runs from mortal flesh.

Lies and secrets long held close,

Whispering of the end.

-M.E. InkOwl

Womb of Life

img_3354A channel to the Gods?

Some speak of it as a window open onto infinity.

Like a womb of the cosmos Darkwell carried all life.

A progenitor it was, for the people of the world.

-M.E. Inkowl

A Balance

Light and energy drew in,

A space of nothing lay waiting.

Filled it was, with sound, substance, and life.

In the beginning was Darkwell,

In the end Darkwell will be.

-M.E. Inkowl