Though darkness walks upon this land, breaking it asunder. And mountains tremble beneath snowy peaks, whispering of their folly. The free folk flee before a host, domineering and proud. And countries quake beneath a load of slavery and compliance. Hope is not lost, as the sun blots out, from fiery death and destruction. For a … More Hope

The North

Photo by Todd McKinley Oh to the North I am called, Upon a voice full of ice and snow. Between the mountains Atrox I am drawn to begin. Foot upon foot, step upon wintery step. Where creatures of ice and starvation thrive, and the green world shrinks from view. Home. I am called home, upon … More The North

Secrets Upon A Stair

She stood upon her secret stair, willing the voices echoing quietly to move on. Surely I’ll be found out, and be cast from this place forever! She thought, desperately looking for an escape. But then the mumbling voices grew clear and she froze. “And when it is completed, the sign shall be given from the … More Secrets Upon A Stair


Photo by Todd McKinley Breath deep the air of this world. Your body moves with and through each element. Earth beneath your feet. Fire within your blood. Air hissing from your chest. Water upon your flesh. All surrounded by the dark, And your mind illuminated by the light. Each speaks from the spirit of our … More Connections

The Forest Hidden

    Across the Empire, and beyond cold iron mountains lies a forest so beautiful and still. Separated by gates of infinity and earth bone, the Forest Hidden spreads deep. Filled with a wonder of people long thought to be dead, But in secret have they been building, hidden from foul eye and ear. For … More The Forest Hidden

The Whispering Wood

  “Do you hear it?” Madra whispered in my ear. We stood by the edge of a chilled lake. I knew my breath was fogging in the frozen air, but the usual lines of silver and gray vibrated around in my head. My broken eyes could not see, but the rest of my body compensated. … More The Whispering Wood

A Winding Road

I walk as one born again, beneath eves of green. A road long traveled stretches before me, winding into the unseen. Behind me is my home, a familiar and welcome sight. But I walk as one transposed. The familiar sight is wrong and slightly offsetting. My mind says, “stay, you are comfortable here.” But my heart … More A Winding Road