Guest Submissions Wanted

Here’s a friendly reminder about next month’s writing challenge! This year I’d like to shake things up with a new challenge, one that will hopefully test your limits as a writer. Next month I would like submissions to be about self-love. Not self-obsession, narcissism, or conceitedness, but actual, genuine self-love. As defined by Merriam-Webster online dictionary … More Guest Submissions Wanted

Greenwood Chapter 1: An Eastern Wind

“They’re late as usual.” Echoed Lord Strix’s voice as he sank deeper into the recesses of his shriveled juniper stump. Great golden orbs blinked as a cracked claw scraped on dried wood. The air was close in the rough-hewn circular hall. All kinds of creatures filled the space rippling with suppressed agitation. “They’ll come my old … More Greenwood Chapter 1: An Eastern Wind