Waiting for Lilacs

The sky grew darker still, a spring storm rising in the West. But I stood stalk still, listening to the giant twisting hedge. Broad leaves have sprouted from sticks of Winter, their wick a vibrant green. But I knew further beauty lay buried deep within. “Michael, come on it’s time to go!” Called mother from … More Waiting for Lilacs

Don’t Tell Mom

    Please don’t, I’ve been out too late. You’re wrong, I can and will eat that cake. You said you were sorry, and wouldn’t do it again. You lied to me, lied to her, we both lied right then. What do we do, they’re stuck in pretty tight. I know, I know, I won’t, … More Don’t Tell Mom

A Cast Spell

Crush the rock and wet the stone. Fill the bowl with crimson. Light the twigs and breath the smoke, The day is fast now ending. Place the skull and draw the lines, Bring forth the words serrated.

A Flower For My Love

I waited, deliberating over the explosion of flowers that lay before me. Overwhelmed isn’t a strong enough word to begin to describe the situation. Hmmmmm. I thought, looking from plant to plant to plant. Reds, pinks, purples, yellows, every color shouted, “Pick me! I’m the one!” But they weren’t. Not a single one. “Errrrrrmmmmm . … More A Flower For My Love