Waiting for Lilacs

The sky grew darker still, a spring storm rising in the West. But I stood stalk still, listening to the giant twisting hedge.

Broad leaves have sprouted from sticks of Winter, their wick a vibrant green. But I knew further beauty lay buried deep within.

“Michael, come on it’s time to go!” Called mother from the car. We were to leave and come back soon when Lilacs were in full bloom.

But I knew the grip of summer time would burn those lilacs clean, so standing there, upon a small hillock I waited for the Spring.

For Lilacs are the sweetest bud, beyond roses, lilies or cornflower. For from their mouths sweet music rings and turns the wind to wine so fair.

Mother called again, “Come on kid! We’re already late, the storm’s almost here.”

And so with reluctance, I turned my back on a green hedge so bare. And knew within my deepest parts, I’d miss those Lilacs bloom.

-M.E. InkOwl

Don’t Tell Mom



Please don’t, I’ve been out too late.

You’re wrong, I can and will eat that cake.

You said you were sorry, and wouldn’t do it again.

You lied to me, lied to her, we both lied right then.

What do we do, they’re stuck in pretty tight.

I know, I know, I won’t, yes cross my heart.

It’s not my fault I stayed out all night.

Maybe when she kicks the bucket she’ll find out about . . . Everything.

But for now, don’t tell mom.

A Cast Spell


Crush the rock and wet the stone.

Fill the bowl with crimson.

Light the twigs and breath the smoke,

The day is fast now ending.

Place the skull and draw the lines,

Bring forth the words serrated.

Friends For Days Tag Award


It’s a beautiful day to get your blog tagged! I was nominated by the Honey Lemon Blog to participate in the Friends for Days Tag created by the Pink For Days Blog. I am delighted to be nominated and am excited to nominate seven other bloggers for this tagging award. Go check out the Honey Lemon Blog! It’s got some fun energy and interesting insights with life, the universe and everything! I believe the writer is based out of Thailand and I love hearing about life from around the world. She is a fun read.

This tag allows for new and upcoming blogs in the WordPress community to be featured and have wonderful things said about their blog. It’s also a way for each of us writers to lift those around us and give back to our immense writing community.

Here Are The Rules:

• Say who create the Tag and provide a link to their blog
• Do a blog post showing your Tag;
• Add the logo to the post;
• Always thank the person who nominated you, provide a link to their blog and, if you like, say something positive and supportive about their blog;
• Choose 5 bloggers that you don’t know very well or that are just starting their blog;
• Go over to their blogs and read a few posts, leave them a few likes and comments;
• Say 3 things you love about their blogs; (3 things for each blogger);
• Those 5 bloggers are automatically nominated to do the same!
• Nominate two bloggers who have been doing this for a longer time! (you get 7 nominees). Don’t forget to let them know you’re nominated them!

My Nominees:

Unbolt Me Uncensored–  I love the feeling of their blog. It feels so real life and raw with their insights and stories. Also Tetiana and Tony both have a unique and genuine story to tell. I recommend reading their poetry and prose. Seriously, just go check out all of it, they are amazing.

XP Nuggets–  If you need inspiration to keep your chin up not only with your writing but with life check out this blog! It is full of wisdom and positive thinking that can really help you if you’re in a funk. I love how this blog introduces goodness into the world and seeks to build up those that follow it. Come and take a look.

Eyes+Words– Eyes+Words is like a portal into the world of poetry and writing! There are so many avenues of education, promotion, and feedback one almost feels dizzy with the opportunities! I love how visually pleasing their blog set up is as well. I can’t wait to submit some of my own pieces and be given the chance to publicize my work over the internet!

Metamorphosis– This blog gives readers quite the transformation through real life experiences and personal experiences. I was drawn in by the writer’s words and wish to hear more thoughts about working through depression. As you read through each post you can feel a metamorphosis happening. It’s quite moving.

Make It Ultra– Eric. C has created a visually stunning blog with an aim towards health discussion of mental health and ways to keep one’s self positive and supported. I have recently been acquainted with his work  and find it very interesting, uplifting, and insightful. If you need a pick-me-up or someone positive to interact with come visit this blog!

Poems and paragraphs– I’ve followed Kindra from almost the beginning of my blogging experience. She has a powerful way of writing that draws you in and leads you into her world of darkly beautiful poetry mixed with splashes of her own life events. She is a refreshing read every time and I whole heartedly recommend a visit to her blog!

The Feathered Sleep– The poetry found on this blog is exquisite. I can’t help but scroll to the next poem, and the next and the next! I love how my emotions are pulled in all directions, and I feel so raw after reading their words. Come here to help your mind pause and deep think.

I hope those of you that have been featured here take the time to reach out to those blogs you are fans of, as well as those less known. You never know what kind words and encouragement can do for our fellow writers until you do something. Happy reading!

M.E. Inkowl

April on The Ink Owl

Well big surprise, I’ve fallen off the face of the earth by the end of the month, and now a new one is here. I’ve been wrapped up in submitting a project to a Scholastic Books competition and haven’t had much time to do anything else.

And now that that’s all done, I’m going to do my own version of NANOWRIMO for the next month. Except it will be LOCAPWRIMO (Local April Writing Month)  For the past few years now April seems to be my bad news/ bad everything month. Let see if that can change.

So this month I think I’ll keep it simple, four posts, one per week. We’ll see what comes of April! Happy reading.

-M.E. Inkowl

March on the Ink Owl

20160316_185728March is almost upon us! I’m always reminded of an activity in Kindergarten I did when I was a kid. We would decorate a paper plate in the shape and color of a lion or a lamb. Whichever we though the month’s weather would be like on the first day.

Then we cut another plate into a spiral tail and stapled them together. Using paper clips my teacher, Mrs. Olsen, hung each one from the classroom lights.

I remember sitting back in my chair and looking for the lion I had made. The rest of that class day was spent watching it spiral round and round and round. I’m pretty sure every other kid on class did it. That day probably was a free-for-all.

This month on the blog I think I’ll do something different. I’ve tried having a monthly theme, which has been fun and challenging, but it’s time to have something new. For the month of March the Ink Owl will feature a free-for-all of posts. Who knows what will come up. What I do know is there will be several featured stories by unpublished writer friends, continuations of several stories from last year, mainly Greenwood and The Grave Dancer. So sit back, prepare yourself for a blast of inconsistency in posting and enjoy the wild ride that will be the month of March!

-M.E. InkOwl

Love in a Mist (Part 5)


This is the last part of a series of
five, click here to read previous post. Or click here to start from the beginning.
Remember. Thoughts whispered in my mind. Time is of the essence, and there isn’t much of it left.
Gravel crunched underfoot as daylight waned. All around us the sounds of nature grew.
“Can you hear that?” I asked, pausing in mid stride so that next to me Glenn had to stop and listen.
He did, face turned to me as we both listened to our surroundings.
He always listens.
All around us, well-tended gardens stretched into the horizon. A long stand of pine and willow trees cut off any sign that civilization was a few hedges away.
Unease tugged at my emotions, but I tried to bury the feeling. Between us the air grew thick, forcing an invisible mass between us. It’s because of me. I thought, knowing it was true. It was unavoidable.
“How did you find this place?” I asked, focusing on the plants around me. Glenn looked around the garden, a smile touching his lips.
Amazing. Here I am again, in yet another exquisite garden with this guy.
Glenn gave a hollow laugh, “We use to come here as a family every Sunday, mostly in the summer. It was our place to come and think before we started a new week.”
“Your family really has something for growing things don’t they.”
“Yes they do.” He said, with a pause. Silence lengthened that pause, filling me with guilt. I shouldn’t have gotten this far with him. My thoughts shifted to the other night, to those all too perfect words I wanted to hear, but dreaded when he said them.
“I love you.”
Blinking back tears I looked ahead of us to a large willow tree beyond a stand of aspens. I was about to ask Glenn about them when he grabbed my hand and set off through the aspens, pulling me along. Their leaves hissing with the cooling air. Off in the distance a truck passed along the highway.
Hurry. Whispered the night air.
We meandered our way through tended rose hedges and under an arbor of hanging wisteria vines. The night was cool, cooler than it should have been. Mist gathered around our feet, shifting between the vegetation. Before us loomed the aged willow tree.
Glenn stopped before the line of hanging limbs. He looked up at the silver tree and squeezed my hand. “I haven’t been here in ages.”
“Yeah? How come?” My feeling of guilt increase as I watched his face tighten with emotion.
Don’t tell me, don’t tell me.
“This was my mother’s favorite spot here.” He motioned to the small rise we both stood before us. “We would come here every Sunday when the weather was good. For as long as I could remember every Sunday was our Willow Sunday.”
He faltered, going silent. I reached a hand toward him, my heart feeling as if it had physically left my chest. Mist traced around our feet, twisting up our ankles. The sensation brought a familiar cold to my skin. It’s coldness prompted me to speak, “What happened?”
Tears had fallen onto his high cheeks, staining his skin. He looked at me, with those soulful eyes. Turning from me he pointed to the ground beneath the willow. White flowers caught scattered moonlight between leaves. They were the strangest looking flowers I had ever seen.
Crouching down I pointed to a flower waving in the wind, “What are those?”
“Love in a Mist. My mother’s favorite flower.” Glenn crouched down as well, fingering the soft curving petals. Their fern-like leaves tickling his finger tips. “We had huge bunches of them throughout our garden and she would take their seeds and plant them under the willow tree. She made this her special place, our special place.”
He paused, drawing in breath.
“It was here, the last time we ever come as a family. Just like any Sunday we set up our lunch under this tree.” His hands should as they pointed at the tree. “I was sitting right next to her when it happened. Her body just froze.”
A sixth sense leapt within my skull, buzzing between my eyes. You need to go now, run. He is too connected to you, to this place. He’s going to find out.
But I couldn’t move, captivated by his moving lips, and gesturing hands. Not to mention I felt pierced through the heart by his gaze. We were connected, whether I liked it or not. I felt his chest rise and fall as he steeled him for my reaction to his next words. And as an inopportune knock on a door, the thought struck me: I love him.
Words tumbled from his mouth as he pushed onward, “She fell back, her hair just spilling all around. Love in a Mist tangled all around her, as if holding the last bits of her life on earth. I’ll never forget the look in her eyes. This sort of dead surprise and . . . longing.”
I get it. I get him. That’s why, for all this.
“Glenn.” I started, wishing he could be inside my head, but he waved me quite. Behind his head mist ran between hanging branches. We both stood, watching billows of mist raise around us. He stepped close to me, eyes shining with hope. Reaching out he clasped both of my shoulders as we turned to face one another.
“Please Mische, I need to say this out loud to you. I need you to hear this. I watched my mother die. I saw the exact moment when her spirit left her body.”
Mische, you’re in trouble, get out of here now. The mist dulled my own minds urgency. Chills ran through my limbs, willing me to move. But at that moment, it didn’t matter. Nothing mattered, except for what was happening between us. We changed, and I knew he felt it as strong as I. “I wanted to tell you this Mische, because I’m in love with you. I want you to know all my secrets. I know you have secrets of your own. They kept you from saying what you want to say.” His voice cracked with emotion as he moved closer to me. “I-I want you to feel like you can tell me all of yours.”
My soul sang as I heard his words. I leaned into his body as our mouths met. Waves of energy washed over us as our emotions merged, For an instant I felt as one, whole and complete. With that kiss I told Glenn my feelings, my thoughts. I love you. But that was all I could do for now. Mist clung to my legs and arms, pulling me away from the man who held my heart.
“Mische? Mische, what’s wrong?” His voice clung to my hair, the force of his breath rippling through my body. Even as I squeezed him close, I could feel my strength, my substance ebbing.
“I-I, I can’t Glenn. Not right now.” I’ll never forget the look of raw anguish, bewilderment etched on every line of his perfect face. “I knew it would come to this, Glenn, and I am sorry. But you and I will never be together. It is a physical impossibility.” He didn’t even notice the mist wrapping itself around the two of us. Looking down at my feet they disappeared  into the mist. I noticed an all too familiar glow coming from the grass.
“What do you mean?” He said, his consternation growing. Glenn looked down. “Why are you glowing? Mische what’s going on?”
“Love in a Mist.” I said as my form dissolved into the night.
-M.E. Inkowl

A Flower For My Love

I waited, deliberating over the explosion of flowers that lay before me. Overwhelmed isn’t a strong enough word to begin to describe the situation.
Hmmmmm. I thought, looking from plant to plant to plant. Reds, pinks, purples, yellows, every color shouted, “Pick me! I’m the one!”
But they weren’t. Not a single one.
“Errrrrrmmmmm . . .” I felt my eyes widen as my mind ground to a halt. All around me others moved around me, busy on their pre-Valentine’s day shopping spree.
“Can I help you sweetie?” Someone called from within the depths of the flowers. I hadn’t been called sweetie by a stranger since elementary school. All the teachers just called everyone that.
“Um . . . yes, I’m here to buy flowers.” Yeah it was lame. I was lame. It was the day before Valentine’s day and I was blanking on what kind of flowers to get the love of my life.
Stupid, come on. Think!
A woman popped up from behind a clump of green filler. She smiled at me and wove her way between the piles of flora.
“Well, I think you came to the right spot than mister.” She turned away from me and gestured at a gigantic cold room with freezer doors.  “Can I interest you in some of our pre-made arrangements?”
They were beautiful, placed perfectly every way you looked at it.
It’s too easy.
I shook my head and took a step closer to the mess of colors. “Naah, can I build a custom bouquet?”
The woman paused, lingering by the cold room door, as if to say, “Are you sure?”
Oh I was sure. I was going to be a man and build my own custom bouquet, just for my Valentine. I nodded.
“Okay what would you like to start with?” She began pointing out different flowers. Then the different filler. And then the different colors you needed to make to help the bouquet fill out.
My jaw dropped open. “Uuuuuhh”
What are you a caveman? I yelled in my head. Pick something already!
There was a pause.
“Let’s try those pink roses there, and then maybe some spider mums, some of those button thingies.”
The woman picked out each flower, fingers moving through the assorted field. All the while she kept up a running commentary. She told me how much I was spending, how the colors matched, and how much my true love was going to enjoy this bouquet.
I looked at the bouquet, and felt my heart drop.
“What? What is it?” She asked, noticing my crest-fallen face.
“It’s not right.”
She nodded her head and then obliged me.
“Don’t worry we’ll get it.” She said with a smile.
Three bouquets later I was in a bind.
“I’m so sorry. I am so so so sorry. I just can’t get this.” I shook my head and stepped back from the numerous displays. I could tell she was on the brink of exasperation. It was embarrassing.
“H-How, how am I suppose to pick out a bouquet for a woman I’ve been married seven years to, who’s given me two beautiful kids, and pushed me through heaven’s knows what?” I said it more for myself than the employee. It was one of those all too often moments of opening my mouth and speaking what I was thinking.
Something changed within the woman. She stepped closer to the flowers, looking intently at each container. “Well what does she really like? What kind of flower would she be if she was one?”
I looked at her, dumbfounded.
Duh! Think!
I scoured the flowers, mind trying to race. My eyes settled on bright yellow pedals. “She’d . . . she’d be a Lily. She isn’t like any other woman out there.”
The woman nodded, pulling out a glowing cluster of lilies.
“And she hates roses, no offense, but she think’s they’re cliche.”
The woman held her hands up, “Not offended at all, they’re always overpriced.”
Really?” I said, eye a bunch of long stemmed roses.
“Yes, but that’s besides the point. Go on.”
Blue caught my eyes as I settled on narrow looking flowers, “She loves irises. She’s always telling me about how she wants a clump to put in our yard, just to have them bloom for her under the window.”
A few Irises found their way into her hand.
Encouraged I continued to think out loud. “In our wedding bouquet she had some of those small white flowers. Are those Dahlias?”
“Nope, button mums, those will work perfectly. Keep going.” She was really getting into it. Her eyes almost picking out the flowers before I did. Her fingers positions each flower, filling her hand with a textured mix of beauty.
“How about throwing in this nice purple Stock?” Flowers were shoved under my nose and a complex aroma filled my nose. It was almost delicious.
“Yes, put it in. And maybe some of that pink filler . . .  stuff?”
She smiled at me, “You got it sweetie. I think that brings it to your price right?”
“Yup it does.” I said with a nod of relief, it was done.
“Good, we’ll see you tomorrow then.”
Unfortunately for them they would, “Yes. I’ll be by to pick them up. Thank you so much.
“You’re welcome. You know, she’s got a pretty good man by her side.”
Her words weren’t flirtatious, just observant. I smiled and said, “Well I can’t rightly say that I’m pretty good, but I do know I don’t deserve her.”
With a modest smile the woman shook her head. “Sounds like you both got lucky finding each other.”
I couldn’t help my grinning from ear to ear. “You have no idea. She is my life.”
She appraised me for a moment, looking from the flowers on her table to me. “Good. Get home and make sure you tell her that.”
“Will do.” I said paying for the flowers. I stepped out of the shop thinking about my wife and smiled.
-M.E. Inkowl