Figures of Inspiration

Two figures have been ever present in my life cloaked with wisdom and filled to the brim with unconditional love. “You are incredible, my wonderful darling.” Grandmother declares with a flourish of her hands. “You make us proud.” Grandfather says, his eyes disappearing behind the wrinkles of a smile. Even as an exhausting youth, filled … More Figures of Inspiration

Creed of a Writer

Different am I, one who is touched by the fire of ink and paper. The world is divergent to my eyes, one moment at a time. Many see it as a fever of the mind, a weakness to be excluded, or ignored. “Oh you write,” They say with an awkward pause, “Why?” But how do I explain … More Creed of a Writer

Haiku #2

Rise oh bones of yew Drink up dust from yonder earth Resurrect the light   -M.E. InkOwl


Home is what I call thee. For as doth my bones ache to be removed from thee, So singeth the blood within my veins. My heart whispers, “Stayeth a while, lest thou wander too far.” For upon my brow is etched a righteous design, To be, forever, cradled within a basin of perfection. Here I … More Home

Haiku #4

          You captured my heart As our world was set aflame We are but cinders -M.E. InkOwl