Soul Of Summer

Clarity do I possess, Upon this rippling bowl of mine. With blinding radiance do I stretch, Touching all with life and heat. Bake the clay and grow each vine, Till the very air resonates with my power. Feel your eyes close as I caress your tender skin, And let your mind feel those younger years. … More Soul Of Summer

Skipping Stones

Skip a stone upon a pond, And watch the ripples waver and fade. With old and young skim across waters deep, That memory may never fade. So withered hand and fingers of youth, May intertwine and remember. Each moment is a gift so carefully wrapped, That we cannot stand to waste. -M.E. InkOwl

Whispering Wood

In a whispering wood, Where do I share my beating heart? Beneath a weeping willow tree? Tall forms shift beneath the moon, Who will I call to with my last breath? Upon the twisting roots so wide? Owl wings take flight, Shall I lose the path? Wander free from my chained mind? -M.E. InkOwl

Thoughts Beyond

Twist upon a thought so clear, And weave a little lie for me. Upon the back of a silent giant are we born, To places wonderus and unknown. Now let us pray for grasses green, Upon a fire of stone. That we may lay down in dreamless sleep, And walk with those of old. -M.E … More Thoughts Beyond

Jasmine Hue

Drift on through the setting rays, With purple smell upon your wings. Open wide those shuttered doors, Let in the jasmine so calm and serene. -M.E. InkOwl