Upon A Crossroads

I walked upon paths long trodden, Where memories hung down from trees so old. A canal reflected the morning sun, Sprinkling light upon summer sweet blossoms. Each step felt like a long lost friend, Found once more upon the way. Peace held us close between sunflower and reeds, And we communed in nature buzzing with … More Upon A Crossroads

August’s End

Our long summer days are drawing to a close, The adventures are changing unbidden. A nightingale speaks of change upon this cooling earth, And new roots have begun to unwind. Let us thank this good earth that has taken us in, And reverence the gifts daily given. For our lives now turn round an unseen … More August’s End

Linger Longer

Linger longer upon this field with me, That I may entreat the living world to freeze. And make within us our hearts be slow, That we may stay together always. Your hand in mine our eyes as one, Drinking in the joy of this scene. Be wistful with me as children are, When they know … More Linger Longer

Dressed in Green

Dress our lives within this garden, And seek not the ailments of men. For life is given sweetly between each blossom, If we but remember to drink it in. Let our worries die upon the shores of green, Planted by hands of tranquility. Believe not that we are all connected, With mother nature’s colorful living … More Dressed in Green

Through Layered Time

Venture with me between layered time, To a place much younger than here. Where mountains spoke of the magma within, As each Valley trembled with their might. When skies were filled with trillions of pinpricks, And one waiting to destroy this chaotic balance. Where monsters roamed beneath the sun, And uncountable life interacted. -M.E. InkOwl

Lingering Memories

Growth so green of spring that’s passed, I remember you deep within my mind. Your pedals so soft and beautifully colored, Keeps my own colors from bleeding off. The sun is hot in this reign of summer, But my body cools at this thought. That soon enough past winter’s icy blade, Your purple crown with … More Lingering Memories