Sinister Countdown: The Witch’s Thumb

Dance around these stones quite gray, Call upon the end of day. Bury deep the light sublime, To grow back our tenacious vine. Black on black our souls do wear, Tangled about with lively hair. Laughter bursts to draw saints in, Down wicked steps and paths of sin. Now it’s time for our mischievous fun, … More Sinister Countdown: The Witch’s Thumb

Sinister Countdown: The Beast

Quick step, tip toe, Secret breath, let go. Lie still, stay calm, Hear this, somethings wrong. Creaking stair, silence falls, Don’t move, watch the walls. Burst of sound, throaty call. Fetted breath, raking claws. Bitting deep, breaking bone. Gasping shrieks, snapping jaws. Moaning pain, rattling air. Endings begin in a darkening lair. -M.E. InkOwl