Sinister Countdown- Striga Capella

Scream loud between these wandering trees, And grind teeth against twig and stone. With eyes that see upon twisting planes, A devious mind does grow. Horns that twist channeled deep with dark veins, And a mouth that has many a voice. A vassal am I for whomever to use, With blood that begs to feed. … More Sinister Countdown- Striga Capella

The Grave Dancer

Paul shivered at the angels blank face, its white worn eyes seeming to drink him in. “How long do we have to wait?” He asked, punching Ruben in the arm, “You said she’d come at dusk.” Ruben suck air between clenched teeth and looked around. “Quiet, or you’ll scare her away!” “Is she even coming?” … More The Grave Dancer