Sinister Countdown- Quattuor Carmina

Upon this wood, we cast our net, Gleaming in the evening light. With drops of blood so tainted spill, We break down its wards of light. Dance round the circle, Once,  Twice, Thrice. The elements now align. Yew, Iron, and Copper. Break upon our burning hands. For we call upon the powers beyond, Crumble those … More Sinister Countdown- Quattuor Carmina

On The Road

The road stretched before our car, thumping under all four tires. All around us desert and mountains stretched for miles. “Nothing. Absolutely nothing.” I thought and loved it. This was my favorite part of our family road trip. It meant that we had finally left our home state and were now plunging headlong into a new … More On The Road

By My Bedside

There’s someone stirring by my side, I feel it against my skin. Drip, drip, tap. Drip, drip, tap. A hint of humidity settles in the filtered air, I can taste it. It sounds like it’s coming through the walls. At least I think there are walls, it’s all a fuzzy black. Except for that sound, … More By My Bedside

Of Masks Within

Touch not the dark knit mask, the light of life shall leave you. A broken husk, your form will be, withering to dusk. You seek unending knowledge for the road you wish to walk. But I know what lies within your heart, a blackness and a rot. For all of us, fall short it seems, … More Of Masks Within

Watched By The Gulls

Call me forth from sands unbound, The Vagabond has found its victim. ‘Neath wooden plank and rotten weed, Hide body freshly dying. With gulls circling ’round, and crabs a climbing, Protect that which should not have happened. For innocent eyes did see true crimes, Of passion and anger grew deadly acts. Till life left limb … More Watched By The Gulls

Quintus Naeniam

We take these cups of woven bone, And shake them round these monuments. With blackness in our other hand, we disturb the sleeping dead. Get you up! Oh rotten corpse, Our work for you has come! Forget the rest so easily earned, as your body laid down its head. Feel the ground cleave and crumble … More Quintus Naeniam

Silent Witness

I stood there, a silent witness, as a form was pulled from the car. They struggled against mute captors, pushing through the grasses. At the age of twelve, what are you suppose to do? They were all adults, and adults are never in the wrong. “Matthew,” my mother had said only an hour ago, holding … More Silent Witness