Tertia Naeniam

Round this body do we tread, With hopeful hearts, we feel its dread. Draw forth from flesh and living screams, The serum of unforgiven dreams. Tread well the steps of pointed stars, Round circling rings with open arms. Now, do we call from leaf  stem, The burning blood of the near dead. For hands of … More Tertia Naeniam


“Don’t forget tomorrow honey, we’ve got a meeting with the Lawrence’s over the HOA committee,” Judy called from the bedroom. She had just put her nightgown on, a silken shift that reached to the floor. “I’ve already got it written down, dear, don’t worry.” I stood before the marble sink of our bathroom, reveling in … More Transfiguration

Not Alone

Steam curls around my naked skin, draining away the turmoil within me. “It’s over, it has to be.” I keep saying to myself. Sickening fear eating at my organs as I remember the past 48 hours. “Safe. I’m safe.” I say with a hoarse voice. A fit of coughing racks my body and I spasm with … More Not Alone

Carmen Secundum

Call out the words of darkness, We sister’s of the night. With drops of midnight in our hair, Cackle out in wicked delight. For now, we move the Sun and Moon, To open wide the void. Come forth with fingers of pitch, From our lines drawn in the dust. Blacken the sky, Stamp out the … More Carmen Secundum

Buried Regrets

You said you’d never forget me, That our love was a thing that would last. I believed you, with all my heart, never thinking of the emptiness you left in my head. I was yours, you were mine and we both new it was true. But then you grew cold, far colder than I could … More Buried Regrets

Morning’s Metaphor

We walked down lanes of mud and rock, passing grasses filled with bird song. Behind us brilliant morning shone between cloud covered mountains. Fall colors stood out bright against the cold hills. Before us a tumultuous sky spread from north to south, expansion and consuming the coming light. And there among the reeds and canals … More Morning’s Metaphor

Something Held Beyond

Scuffling sounded from the shadows beyond, drawing Susan towards the wall. “Hello?” She called, her voice jumping in the cold night air. Silence greeted her slippered feet and an urge to flee held her bound to the front porch. She stood there in her nightgown and curlers an autumn breeze tugging at wisps of silvering … More Something Held Beyond

Primus Carmen

Light the fire, flint upon wick, Trick the monkey’s eyes a pinch. Stretch the bones and let blood dry, For now, we start our counting. Renew the circle and bring forth the wine, Taste more the darkness within us. For now, we start a counting. ‘Tis moon so full, and sky so shadowed, Before the … More Primus Carmen