Summer On The InkOwl

Welcome back to the InkOwl! Forgive the extended hiatus, I was on a needed creative break. I am hoping to get more simple content ready and published for the remainder of the year, we’ll keep our fingers crossed. For you all you wonderful followers new and old to the InkOwl, I welcome you to this … More Summer On The InkOwl

End of a Chapter

I write to all of you from one of the many computers I’ve used over the past two and a half years that fueled The Ink Owl. As many of you know I work in healthcare on night shift. Much of my stories, musings, poetry and the like have all shared one vital component: they … More End of a Chapter

January On The InkOwl

Welcome to January on The Ink Owl! This month will continue to have selections from my story, The Darkwell Chronicles. I’ve loved hearing feedback on such a personal story that I want to share more. Between these excerpts I have decided to feature a series of winter poems. I think the mix of these two … More January On The InkOwl