Friends For Days Tag Award


It’s a beautiful day to get your blog tagged! I was nominated by the Honey Lemon Blog to participate in the Friends for Days Tag created by the Pink For Days Blog. I am delighted to be nominated and am excited to nominate seven other bloggers for this tagging award. Go check out the Honey Lemon Blog! It’s got some fun energy and interesting insights with life, the universe and everything! I believe the writer is based out of Thailand and I love hearing about life from around the world. She is a fun read.

This tag allows for new and upcoming blogs in the WordPress community to be featured and have wonderful things said about their blog. It’s also a way for each of us writers to lift those around us and give back to our immense writing community.

Here Are The Rules:

• Say who create the Tag and provide a link to their blog
• Do a blog post showing your Tag;
• Add the logo to the post;
• Always thank the person who nominated you, provide a link to their blog and, if you like, say something positive and supportive about their blog;
• Choose 5 bloggers that you don’t know very well or that are just starting their blog;
• Go over to their blogs and read a few posts, leave them a few likes and comments;
• Say 3 things you love about their blogs; (3 things for each blogger);
• Those 5 bloggers are automatically nominated to do the same!
• Nominate two bloggers who have been doing this for a longer time! (you get 7 nominees). Don’t forget to let them know you’re nominated them!

My Nominees:

Unbolt Me Uncensored–  I love the feeling of their blog. It feels so real life and raw with their insights and stories. Also Tetiana and Tony both have a unique and genuine story to tell. I recommend reading their poetry and prose. Seriously, just go check out all of it, they are amazing.

XP Nuggets–  If you need inspiration to keep your chin up not only with your writing but with life check out this blog! It is full of wisdom and positive thinking that can really help you if you’re in a funk. I love how this blog introduces goodness into the world and seeks to build up those that follow it. Come and take a look.

Eyes+Words– Eyes+Words is like a portal into the world of poetry and writing! There are so many avenues of education, promotion, and feedback one almost feels dizzy with the opportunities! I love how visually pleasing their blog set up is as well. I can’t wait to submit some of my own pieces and be given the chance to publicize my work over the internet!

Metamorphosis– This blog gives readers quite the transformation through real life experiences and personal experiences. I was drawn in by the writer’s words and wish to hear more thoughts about working through depression. As you read through each post you can feel a metamorphosis happening. It’s quite moving.

Make It Ultra– Eric. C has created a visually stunning blog with an aim towards health discussion of mental health and ways to keep one’s self positive and supported. I have recently been acquainted with his work  and find it very interesting, uplifting, and insightful. If you need a pick-me-up or someone positive to interact with come visit this blog!

Poems and paragraphs– I’ve followed Kindra from almost the beginning of my blogging experience. She has a powerful way of writing that draws you in and leads you into her world of darkly beautiful poetry mixed with splashes of her own life events. She is a refreshing read every time and I whole heartedly recommend a visit to her blog!

The Feathered Sleep– The poetry found on this blog is exquisite. I can’t help but scroll to the next poem, and the next and the next! I love how my emotions are pulled in all directions, and I feel so raw after reading their words. Come here to help your mind pause and deep think.

I hope those of you that have been featured here take the time to reach out to those blogs you are fans of, as well as those less known. You never know what kind words and encouragement can do for our fellow writers until you do something. Happy reading!

M.E. Inkowl

May on the Ink Owl

Better late than never. I find myself typing that with an all to familiar guilty grin. This month I am going to continue my flirtation with poetry. I have to admit it is something I often love to do, but only when I am breaking the numerous rules and regulations that make poems, poems. So please forgive the reckless efforts of my writing as I put my thoughts and emotions to keystrokes and computer screen.

This month is a mile stone for my writing. I’ve decided to enter multiple writing competitions, some that are a national effort, others merely “span the pond” and still others that are global interactions. I find myself trembling with fear and excitement as I prepare what is hoped to be a decent read. Rarely, if ever, have these efforts ever actually stepped foot from my written circle of comfort. I have been a captive of my own fears for far too long and now wish to take my talent to wing and soar.

So, without further ado I give you, the Month of May.

-M.E. Inkowl

Share Your Work via Facebook Group

For those of you who read this, blog, and wish for more exposure for your writing check out the link below. M. Taggart Writer has created a Facebook page specifically to share your pieces on and connect with other creative minds. Post range from written pieces, to artwork, to popular topics of discussion. The more the merrier, also the more that join, the bigger the audience. It’s a unique opportunity. Plus why not find one more way to stalk those interesting fellow bloggers  you think you know. Try it out!

Share Your Work Freely — mtaggartwriter

Versatile Blogger Award

I am happy to announce that the Ink Owl has been nominated and received its first award!  Fellow blogger yashovardhan99 nominated me and I feel so honored. Please check out his blog about life, technology and a crazy good thriller.

The rules for this nomination and award are as follows:

  • You have to thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog! (Being kind)
  •  Link the nominees and inform them about their nomination (passing the love, that was given)
  • Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice (At least)
  • Share 7 facts about yourself (being truthful)


Here is a list of my nominations for this award, please check out their blogs, each one is wonderful!

  • Darkness of His Dreams– He creates beautifully dark poetry
  • Sounds From a Dublin Cafe– This blog is all about writing what is heard from inside a pub, its authentic, fresh, and written very well.
  • Storyshucker–  You’ll find an emporium of every day experiences that hold beautifully written messages and inspiration.
  • A Dads Day Out– To all those fathers and parents out there, this blog is wildly refreshing.
  • Fiction is Food– Please take a minute or maybe a year to look at all of these inspiring and creative stories by G. Jefferies. Truly talented words you’ll find yourself addicted to!
  • M.Taggart Writer– Come read beautiful words and get inspired to write!
  • Cake Hole– Something delicious is always being posted here.
  • Driftwood and Lace–  Wonderful stories of darkness and light found here.
  • Scale it Simple  StephJ has created a wonderful blog fueled by the positive nature of her mind, and those around her. Visit her website and leave feeling a little more grateful for the life you’ve been given.
  • Fragments of Me– Hauntingly beautiful poetry written by a secretive hand, come here to provoke your inner thoughts
  • Earth to Ash–  Follow Ash’s thoughts and experiences on life, as well as a well written poem here and there.
  • Nichoas Rinth–   Lovely, lovely, lovely come check out his blog, you won’t regret it.
  • Diaries of Daniel Douglas Follow Daniel’s blog of thoughts range from the deep, to the everyday. It’s refreshing to read the every day thoughts of a complete stranger.
  • The Drabble–  A very interesting read, the Drabble finds a way to capture the world in their own perfectly unique perspective. And their posts are always a delicate taste of their thoughts.
  • Monochromia-Follow this blog for an array of superb black and white photography submitted by a highly talented group of photographers. Most excellent!
  • Cook Book Aficionado– Maggie never ceases to amaze with daring, and delectable vegan recipes. I use her recipes all the time now, and am always amazed at their outcome. Her sourdough waffles are to die for.
  • SCRichmond– Richmond is a publish author that offers wonderful crime and mystery writing, she recently has published her second novel.
  • Carrot and Crumb–  Benjamina was on the seventh season of the Great British Bake Off and has continued to introduce dazzling new bakes on her blog. Be prepared to get hungry and bake!

And now for seven facts about myself:

  • I usually write at night. Something about these witching hours keeps my brain turning and I can’t stop.
  • Being a stay at home father of two rambunctious boys drives and inspires me to create and bring goodness into this world.
  • In the same breath I say I’m a stay at home parent, I do work a full-time job in oncology healthcare. Yup, I do both. (Ask me about it some time.)
  • I am 28 years old.
  • Once I told the love of my life I wasn’t interested . . . on Valentines Day. (I’ve been paying for it ever since.)
  • Everyday I write more and post on this blog I find out that I love to write in a different genre. You’ll find love stories, thrillers, fantasy, memoirs, and much more on this blog.
  • I’ve shared a bow with the Dalai Lama.

If you have received this award before, then consider this a complement to your writing abilities. If not please enjoy this great experience and award, because you deserve the recognition after all of your hard work. Keep on writing!


WordPress Meet and Greet – All Bloggers Welcome

This is a great opportunity to gain followers and also find new people to follow! I’m always on the lookout for a unique and interesting writer to be inspired by, and get my writing out there into the world. Take advantage of this opportunity! Follow this link and make sure to reblog or leave a comment for others to follow.

HarsH ReaLiTy

Well this is the third post I have done like this so far and I have seen some great connections. I’ll keep doing these off and on and I think they provide a great way for “active bloggers” to network. This post now has over 2,000 active bloggers waiting to connect in it. I encourage anyone looking for new blogs to view or people to converse with to browse through the comment section and network.

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January, On The Ink Owl

wp-1482388469745.jpegA very Happy Eve before New Year’s Eve to you all! We are on the cusp of a new beginning for life. Who knows what 2017 will bring. When January comes it usually ushers in a wave of seasonal depression for me. Even though it’s chuck full of fun snow storms, birthdays and a plethora of warm places to hunker down and write I still find it hard to get through. That is until this year.

On the Ink Owl this month I will be starting a new challenge: write Fantasy flash fiction! I’ll post either every other day or every day, depending on how many pieces I have ready. For those of you already following this will be like my Sinister Countdown I had in October. I would appreciate all the likes, comments and shares you can send my way.

I’m also excited to say that I will be featuring a few fellow unpublished writers within the month. Also being featured through out the month will be featured artwork from one of my greatest friends and animator Jarom Neumann. He is incredibly talented and looking at getting his name and art out there. So Follow the link to his tumblr site, or look him up on Facebook @jaromneumannart or on Instagram @jaromneumann.

Again I can’t wait to begin this new adventure with the world. See you on January 1st!

Interview Post & Contest Winner

Hey check it out! I won my very first writing contest!

Hello, beautiful readers, and happiest Monday to you all!

Today I would like to send a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the recent Halloween Writing Contest. It was the first contest of this type to be put off on ScaleitSimple and it was so wonderful to see bloggers stretching their creative writing muscles by giving this a go. You all did such a wonderful job and your support for one another as always was very heartwarming and motivating to me and my writing.

Today’s post is a very special interview with the winner of the contest. Michael Erickson from The Ink Owl, you can check out Michaels winning story here.

Congratulations Michael and thank you for taking the time to answer some of these questions for my readers and inspiring others to try fiction writing in any capacity.

“This is how you do it: you sit down at…

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Halloween Writing Contest Submission

So I messed up and got the word count completely wrong for this writing contest. Here is my re-submission in 1000 words or less. Dumb mistake on my part.

I’m posting this story for a Halloween flash fiction contest orchestrated by Scale it Simple. They were kind enough to invite me to participate and I hope I’ve risen to the challenge. Follow the link above to view other submissions. If you’d like to vote for your favorite submission (hopefully mine), send an email to Voting closes on Nov. 4th.

Comments and likes are much obliged.

Please read and enjoy my story entitled, “Into The Yew Wood.”

Photo obtained from via


It was one of those nights on cemetery lane that made you feel electric with energy and somber with thought all at the same time. The air was crisp, dead leaves scattered as they ran underfoot and glided overhead, filling the night with noise. The moon was full and luminous casting an eerie light on the scene below. Halloween was in full swing, the streets were abuzz with hooded figures and lively children enjoying their annual candy hunt.

Hidden from the action at the end of the long lane of perfectly decorated houses stood the towering and dark-windowed number 13 cemetery lane. Behind it, the forest stood lifeless and desolate, a depressing shadow on a lively scene. It was in this very house at this very moment that

darkness gathered.

Sinister things were afoot. Sam’s feet twitched on cracked black asphalt. His dark eyes sought through the shadows and trees to the house beyond.

“She’s in there. I know it.” His words cut through the chill night. Next to Sam stood Julian, mop of black hair shifted in the wind as he too stared into the dark.

Resolve glinted in Julian’s eyes. “We’ll get her out. There’s nothing they can do to stop us.”

“Remember what the Seer said.” Spoke up Lawrence, pushing horn rimmed glasses up his nose as he clutched at a tattered backpack.  “Together the Shadow will fall, Apart it can only grow stronger.”

Where despair had filled Sam’s heart earlier, a strength grew. They were but thirteen years old. Yet as legend would say with generations to come, it would be those three who held back the tide of Hell.

Sam raised his chin. “Then let’s get in there and get Lucy.”

Lucy.  Sam’s only thoughts for the past 48 hours had been for her. She had loved him so much, even when he had teased her to the point of tears. Now there was a chance he would never see her again, because of them.

Each boy shouldered their packs. Clutching iron charms, they crossed the street.

Before them Number 13 Cemetery lane leered. Where the star dusted night should have reflected in large glass windows, only an abyss stood.

“They say this house has been haunted for generations. Something to do with the sacrifice of unholy apostates and disobedient children.” Stated Lawrence. His voice taking on a rehearsed note. Julian and Sam looked at each other, then to Lawrence. The boy paused. “What? I did my homework on the place, come on.”

Julian shook his head,”You sure know when to say the right thing, ya know that?”

Trying to not take in the whole house at once the boys walked through the gutter. Loose shingles flapped in the evening air. The house itself was set back away from the street. A tangled mass of bushes and grasses guarding the front porch. Vines clung to porch rails and up onto an uneven balcony. The house looked to be half consumed by the forest.

“Those are yew trees back their. They’re said to be the symbols of death in some cultures.” Lawrence’s voice faltered as he saw the look on his friend’s faces. “. . . It’s probably just myth . . . legend . . . You know.”

“Lawrence.” Cut in Julian.


“Shut up.”

“Guys.” Said Sam as he stopped walking. Lawrence shot a resentful look at Julian as they focused their attention onto Sam. Only a short wood picket fence stood between them and it now.

Something waited within, they all could feel it.

Fear wormed inside Lawrence’s resolve. His eyes roved over those all-to-blank windows.”Guys are you sure about this? Shouldn’t we wait for the adults?”

Sam gritted his teeth. “We don’t have time, Lucy’s in there and who knows what they’ve already done to her. Besides were you not there when we tried to tell my parents? Do you not remember how they reacted to us?”

Sam tried to control his anger and bitterness, but his emotions were to close to the surface. He saw the hurt on Lawrence’s face, but there wasn’t time to care.

“No I’m going in and if you two can’t handle this I’ll do it myself.” Sam opened the wood gate and stomped up the cracked front walk. Julian looked at Lawrence with measured eyes and then followed Sam through.

Lawrence stood on the sidewalk, exposed to the night. His face burned with guilt. He looked up at the house, gulped and then scampered after his friends.

The three crossed through the dead shrubs, careful to not anything on the naked branches. Julian glanced back and smiled at Lawrence.

“Glad to see you’re making yourself useful at last.”

Nerves getting the best of him, Lawrence snapped back. “Useful? Useful? Next time we have to rescue someone from a Coven, you can do the research in the library with Mrs. Ketcheren. I’ll pack the food.”

Thunder crashed through the empty sky as Lawrence clapped a hand over his mouth.  Sam and Julian all but jumped out of their skins at the sound. A peel of weird green light flashed through the house. Windows illuminated, exhibiting antique furniture, bookshelves, lamps and the like. Voices screamed out into the night, scratching their way through worn wood siding.

They had heard their name spoken.

“Run!” Screamed Julian. He grabbed Lawrence by the shoulder and pushed him headlong into the shrubs.

Sam froze, panic clouding his mind. Viridescent radiance washed over his body. For an instant that felt more like a year, a yearning to lay down and sleep took hold of him. Something was coming. It was hunting him, but that didn’t matter. What mattered was that he needed rest.

Sleep. Whistled a soothing voice. Sleeeeeeep.

The voice increased in presence, echoing within his mind.

Put down your weapons, Child.

Sam closed his eyes, feeling his body shift to the ground.

“Sam!” Screamed a faint voice, as if from a dream.

Listen to the silence. Sleep.

“Sam!” The scream grew louder.

Listen to meeeee Samuel. Listen to the Yew Witch.

“SAMUEL!” Screamed Julian as he slapped his friend across the face.

Die . . .

Halloween Writing Contest

I’m going to enter this Halloween writing contest, because why not? Any other takers? It sounds awesome!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Scale it Simple’s first ever Halloween Writing Contest.halloween

Are you ready to embrace your Halloween spirit? Then turn on your favorite horror flick, turn down the lights and try your hand at some creepy fictional writing.

Hang on because things are about to get spooky up in here.

The rules are simple.

  • Write a fictional Halloween style story by continuing on the story began below, copy the first two paragraphs to begin your post…

It was one of those nights on cemetery lane that made you feel electric with energy and somber with thought all at the same time. The air was crisp, dead leaves scattered as they ran underfoot and glided overhead, filling the night with noise. The moon was full and luminous casting an eerie light on the scene below. Halloween was in full swing, the streets were abuzz with hooded figures and lively children…

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Way’s End


She ran blood leaking from a gash open upon her forehead. Behind her headlights were approaching her overturned SUV.

“Run.” She rasped to herself, “Run!”

Clenching teeth and gasping in pain she ran.  Holding a limp arm to her chest she all but flew into the undergrowth. Branches and weeds snagged on her coat.

On the side of the road a cloud of dirt and rocks billowed up. Gloom momentarily shrouded her departure.

“Run, run!” She kept repeating to herself.

Doors slammed and voices began to shout.

“Don’t look back, don’t you dare. Keep on moving!”

Agony electrified her chest and back as she let her arm drop. Stepping over a low-barbed fence she moved deeper into the grove of narrow poplars.

They were screaming her name now. Not just one voice but a dozen.

“They’re not going to get me. Not . . .going to get . .  me.”

She stopped , staring wide eyed at an oddly familiar decaying structure before her.

It was a dead end. She knew it, and they knew it.

“Not here, not here please!” Gasping she looked all around. Trees seemed to bend towards her, stretching out in an embrace of death.

She opened her mouth turning back the way she had come. Nothing, no exit, no escape.

Only death awaited her.