Versatile Blogger Award

I am happy to announce that the Ink Owl has been nominated and received its first award!  Fellow blogger yashovardhan99 nominated me and I feel so honored. Please check out his blog about life, technology and a crazy good thriller. The rules for this nomination and award are as follows: You have to thank the person who nominated … More Versatile Blogger Award

Interview Post & Contest Winner

Hello, beautiful readers, and happiest Monday to you all! Today I would like to send a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the recent Halloween Writing Contest. It was the first contest of this type to be put off on ScaleitSimple and it was so wonderful to see bloggers stretching their creative writing muscles…

Halloween Writing Contest

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Scale it Simple’s first ever Halloween Writing Contest. Are you ready to embrace your Halloween spirit? Then turn on your favorite horror flick, turn down the lights and try your hand at some creepy fictional writing. Hang on because things are about to get spooky up in here. The rules are…

Way’s End

She ran blood leaking from a gash open upon her forehead. Behind her headlights were approaching her overturned SUV. “Run.” She rasped to herself, “Run!” Clenching teeth and gasping in pain she ran.  Holding a limp arm to her chest she all but flew into the undergrowth. Branches and weeds snagged on her coat. On the … More Way’s End


“Timmy stop it you’re scaring me!” Amy’s four year old voice grew shrill as her older brother’s shadow filled the room. “Bwuahahahahahaha, haaa!” Cried Timmy as his eight year old frame reached for his sister from behind the lantern. “Knock it off you two, it’s time to sleep!” Grandpa’s booming voice came up the stairs … More  Bedtime

The Blue Door

Two young boys stood before before the weather stained door. “We shouldn’t be here Terry, you know what Mrs. Kilgar’s going to do to us if she finds out?” The taller of the two turned his head, looking back at the lunchroom door he aquinted his pale blue eyes in the morning light. “She’s not … More The Blue Door