InkOwl Celebration!

Just wanted to take a second and celebrate this small-ish achievement for The Ink Owl. I started this blog just over three years ago and it has been fascinating and thrilling to be followed by all 500 (+1) of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for following my crazy erratic writing. Thank … More InkOwl Celebration!

Welcome to the Story Game!

Welcome to the Story Game! Welcome to the Story Game! — Read on Check out this new blog a friend of mine created. It’s almost like a choose your own adventure but where you decide where it will go! Have some fun and check it out!

Of A Healer: Batman

We worked together, moving Beth from side to side. She was approaching 85 and having had several major abdominal surgeries to remove multiple cancerous tumors her body was slowly shutting down. Severe edema made both of her legs swell to twice their size and was slowly losing her strength to stand and move. The work was taxing … More Of A Healer: Batman

Of A Healer: Julie

She’s on her way out, the docs just told us,” she said, tears filling her eyes. I reached over and placed a hand on her shoulder, sharing the look, sharing the fear. “I-, I don’t know how long she’s going to be with us, but I know she would appreciate a visit from you,” she … More Of A Healer: Julie

Slowing Down

For all you who are following this blog, The Ink Owl will be slowing down its posts for this next year. I’m planning on doing four posts a month so that I can focus on larger writing projects that need my attention. I’m excited to briefly mention that I was able to pitch a story … More Slowing Down