A Juncture

I feel the world darkening, Beneath this rising moon. Transitions between the stars above, Track maps far below. Feel a tilt round this churning rock, As cool seeps deep within. Groan you may upon changing tides, But at this juncture, I can only grin. Embrace each leaf as its color falls to the twisting wind. … More A Juncture

Longing for Autumn

Delicious is the air we breathe, Filled with the scent of Summer’s embrace. How our thoughts linger on warm memories, As our feet splash with cool refreshment. Hear us sing praises to golden fields, While puffing clouds roll peacefully by. Yet in the night with stars shining bright, A gentle hand traces thoughts of fall. … More Longing for Autumn


Even as I stand upon this empty lane, I feel a shifting within the veins beneath my feet. Something born upon the wind, I taste in the coolness of the night. Buzz of bee and shift of branch, A shiver runs the world round. “Prepare yourself,” whispers the wood, Wisdom lining its face. “Be malleable,” … More Change

Christmas Touch

This year has to have been one of the most challenging years of my life. I’ve often found myself lost in the darkness of uncertainty and unrelenting change. There have been successes but I can’t help feel that 349 days of failure has eclipsed my light. There has been a struggle between happiness and depression, … More Christmas Touch