On The Road

The road stretched before our car, thumping under all four tires. All around us desert and mountains stretched for miles. “Nothing. Absolutely nothing.” I thought and loved it. This was my favorite part of our family road trip. It meant that we had finally left our home state and were now plunging headlong into a new … More On The Road

Figures of Inspiration

Two figures have been ever present in my life cloaked with wisdom and filled to the brim with unconditional love. “You are incredible, my wonderful darling.” Grandmother declares with a flourish of her hands. “You make us proud.” Grandfather says, his eyes disappearing behind the wrinkles of a smile. Even as an exhausting youth, filled … More Figures of Inspiration

Heaven’s Door

Here we sit at heaven’s door, You with your stick and I with my rock. Between our naked feet glimmer slick trout, Their light dancing between the clouds. Above us we find the sky opening wide, Our thoughts whisked away by a breath. And as you look upon my face I see, The divinity which … More Heaven’s Door

Innocent Steps

Water burbled around the bend as I stood among the grass. Voices spoke over the stream as a wasp buzzed past my head. Voices called from above my head, hidden behind stalks of weeds. “Michael! Michael come back here!” A giggle snuck from between my lips as I lifted pudgy hands to the sky. Above … More Innocent Steps

Shoes Upon the Porch

Picture of the front drive of the cabin in morning with a part in shadows and mountains beyond. “Do you have your shoes on? You can’t leave until they are tied.” My mother’s voice called from the kitchen table, forcing me to pause and look at my feet. “Yes, Mom! They’re on and tied!” I … More Shoes Upon the Porch

Water In The Lane

Thunder growled from a bruised sky as I sat on a wooden bench. Carefully blowing away dead carcasses of flies and wasps I laid an arm on the sill, taking in the brooding world. Beyond the window, a rustling field of grass and sage waved. It rippled as if a vast giant were skipping invisible … More Water In The Lane

Among the Grass

A hand traces through tufts of grass, As birds sing up above. Innocence stills upon a hill, Illuminated by the clouds. He waits for thoughts to climb on high, As he looks up towards the sky. His mind is waiting for the light, As only one guiltless can. And smiles does he looking down to … More Among the Grass

Rising Sun

Upon my face lays a touch of dusted gold. Cutting through the darkness of night with the promise of a new day. Peeking between blades of waving vines, the world waits beyond my window. I lay in my bed, excitement filling my small frame. What will this new day bring? -M.E. InkOwl