Trellis Of A Witch

Grandpa stood with his suspenders on, Directing our work the land. Between great trees we downed thickets tall, watching as little creatures ran. “Gather the sticks.” You said, waving your arms out wide. It seemed that we took the entire forest bare and packed them in the truck bed. You stacked it in the garage … More Trellis Of A Witch

Mountain-side Thievery

Two figures climbed the mountain higher still, Between rock and root bare. Before us stood a sea of rocks, With Construction standing all around. Furtively we picked the stones, Waiting for a whistle to be blown. But no alarm sounded and we hiked back down, Where dad kept the car running idle. -M.E. InkOwl

Creativity’s Strings

 Hands draw in close, moving through the air. You pull together thread and cloth, Laying patterns bare. But deep within this space of creation, Elements pull themselves together. The fabric of existence do you string along, Woven into a living song. For you create beauty from the air, Framed within your hands. -M.E. InkOwl

Kitchen Lemon

Looking out from a kitchen window, The evening sun framed just so. I watch the world continue on to the sound of running water and soap. A crisp small cutting sound echos from the sink, As water shoots straight through the bubbles. While dishes clink upon the sink, Beyond the night does grow. And in … More Kitchen Lemon

Jupiter’s Beard

Green leaves reaching to the sky, as I  lay on a bed of grass. Life was around me, within me as youth grew in my bones. I held innocence in my hand, cupping fingers around frail flowers. Red touch my palm and in a single moment I was among the stars, gas giants, and floating … More Jupiter’s Beard

Dancing Hollyhocks

We made small people from their blossoms, Handsome men in suits with gowned women on their arms. So fine an affair to be seen. They danced round their stalks till the day was done, And climbed up to their houses to rest. -M.E. InkOwl

House of Skeps

    Industrious buzzing, Captured by woven pieces. My home is a hive, Hidden within layers of paint. Creativity reigns queen, And we all sing. Because my mother is a honey bee. -M.E. InkOwl