Jasmine Hue

Drift on through the setting rays, With purple smell upon your wings. Open wide those shuttered doors, Let in the jasmine so calm and serene. -M.E. InkOwl

Write From Within

Write. Drag pen across paper, Decisively mark a first step, Onto an empty road. Breathe in a moment, Feel what is, And do what comes naturally. Write. As the world sighs beyond that open window. Write. As line of flame dancing up a dry twig’s back. Write. As moths flutter above your flickering light of … More Write From Within

This Frost

Where came this Frost, Upon the weakened bows of life? Down to the roots does sleep crawl, Filling eve dark spaces with seeming death. Draw close to me dear one, That we may fall asleep together. Wrapped in each other’s arms as all turns cold, May we pray for the coming dawn of spring. -M.E. … More This Frost

Weary Chalice

Gently ease this body down, And rest so weary each bone. Wrap skin bare with life’s gray hair, And veil these clouded eyes. For I am worn upon life’s shore, And voices call from beyond the sea. My soul sings melody low, And pleads with this world to leave. Across the stars did we all … More Weary Chalice

Down a Snowy Lane

You’ve been dropping hints for me to come back, Flakes of ice pepper my world with infinite memories. So much has happened since we said good bye, My throat still tightens when I think of you and our journey. But that all changed when we sealed pathways through a mirror darkly. Now all I have … More Down a Snowy Lane

A Cold Wander

Walking along a road quite frozen. Stillness upon the air presses in. Alone I find this moment to live. Disconnected from the vast open world. Reflection rests as a garment upon my shoulders. I wonder where my mind will wander. -M.E. InkOwl


Born of ice and snow, Your first cry broke the winter silence. Burning with living fire, Blood beat with sheer will to survive. A thousand pinpricks of starlight danced with dark eyes, In a single breath you stole the very heart from my chest, And pulled me into another world. -M.E. InkOwl

Winter Deepens

Let this earth vibrate with a deepening power, Shaking the very foundation holding slothful powers on high. Let this Spring of ignorance never reach the fruition of Summer, Minds bent on selfish reasoning degrade in the harsh reality of Winter. Let ice and cold howl in from the North, Covering all these decedent places in … More Winter Deepens