Sinister Countdown- Creeping Anticipation

We are waiting, waiting, waiting, For the night to end. For they are seeking, seeking, seeking, Our bodies to tear and rend. The prey is cornered, cornered, cornered, Locked behind stifled screams and tears. Ever running, running, running, From a rising tide of doom. Now silence is broken, broken, broken, With murmurs of the waking … More Sinister Countdown- Creeping Anticipation

What A Beginning

Bask in this new light, On a planet swiftly tilting. Beauty awakens beneath the frost, As best burns away the sleep of winter. Let a world of green rise up, From the frozen ashes of a colder age. Take to wing insect and bird, Let fly unending songs of life again. For we are the … More What A Beginning

Colors of Winter

The air seems so much warmer as I awake, Feeling soft moss and earth beneath my form. How long has it been now, wrapped up in these secret places? I’m starting to forget what brought me here. In this natural cleft between rock and bare branches, I remember long rested ailments and fading woe. Has … More Colors of Winter