October on The Ink Owl: A Sinister Countdown 2019

Welcome to another Sinister Countdown! October is my favorite month with seasons changing, brilliant colors, and cemeteries getting a really sinister look, what’s not to love? For those of you who are new to The Ink Owl, October is my month to focus on the macabre and weird when it comes to writing. Darker tides … More October on The Ink Owl: A Sinister Countdown 2019


Stay, While the moon is young in the sky. Stay, For a moment breathing with me. Stay, My bedrock, my roots, my dynasty. -M.E. InkOwl

On-The-Go- Humble

Flit of wing upon a shifting sea, Green and amethyst tossing in the breeze. With a lazy loop bee meets flower, Liquid gold has its start. Beat of wings, exhaled breath, closing of an eye, Off it zooms to the next tossing jewel. Life begins, life ends, life is along each black and yellow stripe, … More On-The-Go- Humble


Upon an open road we drive, Leaving our history long behind. Before us an arch of temporal powers glide, Into this maelstrom must we hide. For darkness gathers behind mountains of jet, Searching to drag our spirits back. A devourer of worlds splits ours apart, Snuffing our light and stopping each heart. Now rocks spit … More Archlight

Four Friends

We four friends found each other, When the world was young. Rows of dark earth stretched on, Reaching to the horizon. As saplings we stretched our leaves skyward, Roots diving down searching for water. Others stood by us leaves vying for the sun. But they all fell short of our growing trunks, And rings of … More Four Friends