Sextus Naeniam

Rock and root, flesh and bone. We subject before thee. Bound are we by mortal frame, Kept from powers beyond. Now we sing calling through, A window fast now opening. See our enemies gathering near, We speak thy name deliciously. And call upon the fires within, Bring forth destruction tremendous. Fall in bitterness and scourge … More Sextus Naeniam

The Hunt

The wold was dark under a moonless sky, A rolling sea of obsidian and grass. T’was the blood of my hands and your bonds, That egged on a howling plague. From over a lip of darkness, Poured a thousandfold of burning eyes. All we could do was run on, And pray to forgotten gods. -M.E. Inkowl


    My shadows run deep and darker still, behind my smiling eyes. Morbid are my thoughts, decrepit is my mind. I love the darkness within.

For The Night

By your leave, I came willingly to the darkness. In my sight, so framed the world. Through our touch your grief was won, buried in the deep. For the night, we loved in silence. -M.E. Inkowl