Of A Healer: Julie

She’s on her way out, the docs just told us,” she said, tears filling her eyes. I reached over and placed a hand on her shoulder, sharing the look, sharing the fear. “I-, I don’t know how long she’s going to be with us, but I know she would appreciate a visit from you,” she … More Of A Healer: Julie

Winter’s Passing

Do not linger upon my grave, Frosts of grief will dampen your light. Call upon the memories of Summer, as you dwell alive in the pain of Winter. I have gone, walked a crystalline Bifröst from our world to the next. But you must stay, waiting at the gate, I say do not linger. Forget … More Winter’s Passing

A Shadow Follows

Annie scrambled through a dried out hedge and put into the empty parking lot. “P-please,” she gasped, tripping over a curb, “please someone help!” Her voice echoed around the space, bouncing off shadowed walls and locked doors. Before her the only bit of brilliant light responded itself into a solitary door and security light. “Yes!” … More A Shadow Follows

Saying Goodbye

No. These words are not my own. I refuse. How much have we shared, how long have we known? Deny the inevitable. To speak of endings when it feels as if our companionship has just begun. Acceptance must be avoided. Please, do not go, do not leave. To change, is to forget, I do not … More Saying Goodbye