A Bit of Earth

Give me this bit of earth, That I may grow my hopes and dreams. I do not ask for the world, To be placed selfishly upon my lap. Just a space where I may take root and grow, Beneath heaven and upon rich soil and stone. Let me take a bit of earth, And create … More A Bit of Earth

Learn From The Soil

Digging into the earth with hand and knife, Exposing the elements within. Life giving nutrients all within reach, Fills my hands with purpose, and mind with meaning. To be connected to mother earth is a necessity. -M.E. InkOwl

A Garden In Time

Life was less complicated, The greatest obstacles of each day was bedtime. Long days reached far into the night with star-gazing and finding constellations. Imagination ran wild, whole worlds rose and fell within an afternoon. Always there was a home to go to, a family to be cared by. Days ended with a promise, New … More A Garden In Time