Giant In The Garden

A world I see within my hands, As I stand on tip toes. A giant am I, mighty and tall, Reaching for a single flower. A city I grab with millions watching, bending stalk downward to my face. Powerful am I, the King of the garden, While standing among the Yarrow. -M.E. InkOwl

Winter’s Child

By coldness did you awaken, Your blood running hot against skin. Not a sound was in your voice as you looked around. A world of blurred vision, and chaotic sound. It was that day you began to live.

Christmas Smell

    Christmas has come and gone! Even with my little family celebrating it a day later it has blinked into the distance even before I’ve been able to say good-bye. This last story I’d like to close with is another Christmas memory from my childhood. Christmas day always moves faster than you’d like it … More Christmas Smell

Christmas Sound

“Psst! Mikie, did you hear that?” My sister’s voice broke through the winter silence. Poking my head out of a pile of blankets and pillows I looked at her, and then to my darkened bedroom window. “Missy, what time is it? Is it morning?” A mischievous grin crossed her face as she shook her head, … More Christmas Sound