Reality Takes Leave

“My dear Emiline, you simply must face the facts. Your parents were not carried off by a,” Governess Metlock waved a hand in Emiline’s direction. The white lace trim of her black satin sleeve danced in the stale air, “what did you say? Winged bear?” Emiline sat in a straight-backed chair, her feet swinging through the air. … More Reality Takes Leave

Flight of the Demigod

“AHHHHHHH!” Screamed Orion. His coarse beard whipped painfully into his eyes as air roared past him. Heedless of his reputation, his ego, or anyone else in the vicinity he continued to scream. His body shot into the heavens, hurtling towards vast mountains of puffy clouds. A calm voice somewhere in the vicinity of his booted … More Flight of the Demigod

A Gathering of Wyrms

Wind blew ice and snow against silver helms. Metal blistered against skin as the sky tore open and fell upon the shielded knights. “Callum, to the cave! They are vulnerable!” Kasia shrieked. She leapt to the side as another powerful downdraft of air iced over the rocks where she had stood. Powdered snow and chunks … More A Gathering of Wyrms