Such a juxtaposition is this.

Between vibrant rock and stone,

Creatures of death walk silent trails.

Their feet whispering between slices of orange and striations of gold.

The Calvarig.

Those who worship The Gate at the end of life,

Who embrace the unknown,

With arms of an inhuman design.

And minds connected as one part to a hive.

The Calvarig.

May you never cross their path,

For there in lies an omen of your end.

Eschew their unholy and unfortunate grounds.

-M.E. InkOwl

The Southern Wastes

Photo by Todd McKinley

How came we to this land, so cursed and scaled by death,

From paradise were we flung,

Out into a world of pain.

But we grew from the spite we were fed,

In the heat of an infinite sea of sand we founded our empire.

And from our sentence of death, did our forces gather in life.

Between rock and stone, heat and light, did we bind ourselves.

For we are not mere mortal beings

We do not bow beneath the eyes of all seeing gods.

We were there in the beginning,

And it will be by our hands that the end will come.

By the fierce shadow of Ignoctis do we rise,

To bring the darkness,

To end this reign of light.

Here in the wastes of Sartoria.

-M. E. InkOwl

The Devil’s Tooth

Photo by Todd McKinley

It’s said that when the light was divided from the dark, and land torn from the sea, the Darkness could not contain his jealousy.

In anger, he pulled away from the light with jaws of poisonous death.

The light cast him from the heavens, her scorn white hot and eternally sprung.

With mouth spread wide, the Darkness fell, an ungodly scream born from his throat.

And break he did, with shattered teeth upon the mortal realm.

But one tooth stuck fast to a mountain’s peak, never to move again.

And upon that mount darkness grew, from silver-white tooth divine.

-M.E. InkOwl