A Gathering

We alone, stand before the rising tide. A gathering of those seeking hope. Before a brewing storm, We build unions of peace. For we are of the Light, Looking forward to a day of freedom. Our cause is just as we begin the fight, The only fight worth dying for, In the name of freedom. … More A Gathering

The Occulta

Photo by Todd McKinley Sybil awoke to the sounds of birdsong. It was a strange sensation, almost foreign. How long have I been surrounded by dead stone? She opened her eyes and beheld more green than ever has been seen in her short life. A veritable sea of green stretches through the sky, with only … More The Occulta

The Devil’s Tooth

It’s said that when the light was divided from the dark, and land torn from the sea, the Darkness could not contain his jealousy. In anger, he pulled away from the light with jaws of poisonous death. The light cast him from the heavens, her scorn white hot and eternally sprung. With mouth spread wide, … More The Devil’s Tooth

Secrets Upon A Stair

She stood upon her secret stair, willing the voices echoing quietly to move on. Surely I’ll be found out, and be cast from this place forever! She thought, desperately looking for an escape. But then the mumbling voices grew clear and she froze. “And when it is completed, the sign shall be given from the … More Secrets Upon A Stair

A Winding Road

I walk as one born again, beneath eves of green. A road long traveled stretches before me, winding into the unseen. Behind me is my home, a familiar and welcome sight. But I walk as one transposed. The familiar sight is wrong and slightly offsetting. My mind says, “stay, you are comfortable here.” But my heart … More A Winding Road