Summer Dreamscape

Oh sweet down upon this hill, Comfort this head as a summer eve falls. A cascade of violet stars leads my mind, Into a dream scape of lavender fields. Inhale each vision as oblivion envelops all, And echos of the day lulls these eyes to sleep. -M.E. InkOwl

Through An Amethyst Door

What secrets lie within rustling blooms, That hide away worlds unseen? Shrink me down to the base of a stalk, And lend me a green ivy vine. That I may climb to yonder waving door, Up, up, up to reality’s end. Upon an amethyst porch so I now stand, Where dusted gold gates lie open. … More Through An Amethyst Door

Memory in Magenta

Pass me a pen and ink that I may write, Before this thought has time to pack and leave. In this moment I can feel each color, Drifting away upon this summer breeze. Let me capture just a bit of it, And illuminate your mind with these words. But wait, the moment has passed, And … More Memory in Magenta

On-The-Go- Cornflowers Blue

Dilly-dally this day away with me, While bees buzz around the cornflowers blue. Spare a moment by my side, As wind tosses round tall cornflowers blue. Hold me close beneath this purpling sky, As off drop the petals of these cornflowers blue. -M.E. InkOwl

Frank love

Be frank with me, Speak words that sink past my skin. Share the emotions we both feel, Express your secrets. I am here to love, Never to turn away. Together we have begun, Together we will continue. -M.E. InkOwl

Jupiter’s Beard

Green leaves reaching to the sky, as I  lay on a bed of grass. Life was around me, within me as youth grew in my bones. I held innocence in my hand, cupping fingers around frail flowers. Red touch my palm and in a single moment I was among the stars, gas giants, and floating … More Jupiter’s Beard

Dancing Hollyhocks

We made small people from their blossoms, Handsome men in suits with gowned women on their arms. So fine an affair to be seen. They danced round their stalks till the day was done, And climbed up to their houses to rest. -M.E. InkOwl

A Garden In Time

Life was less complicated, The greatest obstacles of each day was bedtime. Long days reached far into the night with star-gazing and finding constellations. Imagination ran wild, whole worlds rose and fell within an afternoon. Always there was a home to go to, a family to be cared by. Days ended with a promise, New … More A Garden In Time