Chalice of Green

Chalice of green placed in the sun, To guard all who may enter this space. With lions mane and earthly growth, Bid all to seek wisdom and nourishment. Remind us of what is always possible, Under the light of each day and starry night. Let brass upon this corner sing, As steps take us wandering … More Chalice of Green

Owl Secrets

Upon a perch are you found, Above acres of growing things. With fierce eyes and plumage thus hidden, Watching all that occurs in your land. Even as sun burns white hot, You bide your time and wait. For what only you can say, As you alone can see all. Now quick as shadows must we … More Owl Secrets

In The Garden

Here in this haven you’ll find a summer sun, Warming aged wood beneath growing green. Where young wick of apple tree, Growth thick with light energy. Oh the wisdom this rained here, Now imbued in growing fruit and leaf. Let me rest my back upon solid ground, And partake of such substance as this. Here … More In The Garden

Dressed in Green

Dress our lives within this garden, And seek not the ailments of men. For life is given sweetly between each blossom, If we but remember to drink it in. Let our worries die upon the shores of green, Planted by hands of tranquility. Believe not that we are all connected, With mother nature’s colorful living … More Dressed in Green

Wood of Ages

Touch not the wood of ages, With its heart of poisoned Yew. Lest we forget the great deception, Wrought by blood and fire. Listen to the calling wind, Hissing between jeweled leaves. Resist the urge to press yourself upon the waiting hedge, Knowing it frames death’s door. Crawl back from the Yew, And remember mortality. … More Wood of Ages

come to my garden

come to my garden you who’s hearts are heavy, rest your weary feet upon yon grass so green forget your load and burdens long carried, tis too long since you’ve remembered who you were safe you are as long as you terry here, drink deep of living waters and feel peace only tomorrow holds its … More come to my garden

Oh, Lavendar

Pick me once at eventide, And breathe in this bewitching fragrance. Rest, I whisper upon a blanket of down, As your hands trace a passing cloud. Time will stop just wait and listen, You see the bee industrious now hold its wing. I am your bliss rain splashing with sound, You closer your eyes and … More Oh, Lavendar

Trellis Of A Witch

Grandpa stood with his suspenders on, Directing our work the land. Between great trees we downed thickets tall, watching as little creatures ran. “Gather the sticks.” You said, waving your arms out wide. It seemed that we took the entire forest bare and packed them in the truck bed. You stacked it in the garage … More Trellis Of A Witch

Mountain-side Thievery

Two figures climbed the mountain higher still, Between rock and root bare. Before us stood a sea of rocks, With Construction standing all around. Furtively we picked the stones, Waiting for a whistle to be blown. But no alarm sounded and we hiked back down, Where dad kept the car running idle. -M.E. InkOwl