A Thought So Stirred

Do you feel a little tickle, Right beneath your winter worn feet? Something stores with living memory, Resting long beneath the winter’s gray. Like the fall of a hammer on metal, Ringing in the depths of mountains deep. Does your mind quest to find answers, For something familiar that is now awake. Let the tickle … More A Thought So Stirred

Guest Submissions Wanted

Here’s a friendly reminder about next month’s writing challenge! This year I’d like to shake things up with a new challenge, one that will hopefully test your limits as a writer. Next month I would like submissions to be about self-love. Not self-obsession, narcissism, or conceitedness, but actual, genuine self-love. As defined by Merriam-Webster online dictionary … More Guest Submissions Wanted

Bones of Hope

A boy it was, who found the path. He was blind to light from above. Among the dead he walked in the wood, His companion an Urisus of the North. With hand upon silver fur they walked, Companions of a strange world. The dead walked along with hope. -M.E. InkOwl