Sinister Countdown- Quattuor Carmina

Upon this wood, we cast our net, Gleaming in the evening light. With drops of blood so tainted spill, We break down its wards of light. Dance round the circle, Once,  Twice, Thrice. The elements now align. Yew, Iron, and Copper. Break upon our burning hands. For we call upon the powers beyond, Crumble those … More Sinister Countdown- Quattuor Carmina

Sinister Countdown-Caught

The rains have subsided now. In the heavens clouds break apart revealing a deep azure sky. My eyes reflect azure as rough hands rip me from my garden. Down the main street with hands bound in thick iron cuffs I stride. To either side of me a faceless community watches. “Curse thee, wicked woman!” Cries a broken hag. Her teeth crooked … More Sinister Countdown-Caught

Sinister Countdown- Witch Daughter’s Flight

Bells tolled in the twilight their cracked and aged mounting protesting with shrieks unheard above the clamoring din. “Hurry child they won’t be long! You’ve got to flee from this home!” Aunt Harriett’s face was flushed with panic as she pulled Cher’s from the icebox and wrapped a warm loaf into Meredith’s bag. “But Aunt, … More Sinister Countdown- Witch Daughter’s Flight